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STEVE NEVIL certified reviewer June 15, 2014
What a great and glorious show--a tight and hysterically funny evening with an amazing cast totally committed to a vaudeville-like journey which asks the question, "What might have happened to Romeo and Juliet after their unfortunate demise?" It's worth the trip to the Flight Theatre at the Complex to find out. From the brilliant and whacked-out mind of Matt Richey (a Shakespeare scholar himself) comes a wonderful absurdist piece of theatre that might have made even Beckett laugh. The ensemble and direction are first-rate--and when all sorts of Shakespearian characters come together to be directed by a sprite-like Faust...well, that's just the beginning. So worth coming out to see this!... full review
ROGER KENT CRUZ certified reviewer June 16, 2014
Just saw Romeo & Juliet In Hell. Don't miss it. The actors all totally committed to their choices. Creatively directed by Matt Richey. Like me, you will absolutely not know what is coming from second to second. Go and get "romeoed and julieted". Roger Kent Cruz... full review
DENISE WILLSON certified reviewer June 16, 2014
Pretty good. A howlingly funny reinterpretation of the classics... full review
BENJAMIN HORWITZ certified reviewer June 17, 2014
I was thoroughly entertained the whole time! Great if you love shakespeare, musical theater, or good silly fun. The shakespeare nods happen almost every other line and sometimes they hit you without you even realizing it. Good unadulterated unapologetic fun. The pacing is tight and the show moves along very quickly. It ended and I was thinking to myself... "I kinda wish it was longer!" Hits the mark in my book.... full review
TOM CAVANAUGH certified reviewer June 20, 2014
A tight show with a huge cast and a thousand laughs! It's everything you love and hate about musical comedy and the work of Willie the Shake combined! Matt Richey has created a Fringe CLASSIC and had me in stitches!!! Shout out to the actress that played LADY M... screeched through the whole thing and never a moment of vocal strain and never a lapse in character... I look for that and love when someone can maintain physically and craft wise from beginning to end! BRAVO! (This show deserves an extension!!!)... full review