Love Is.

ensemble theatre · bad back productions · Ages 14+ · United Kingdom

world premiere
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DJ DONNELLEY certified reviewer June 09, 2014
Love Is... AMAZING! I was pulled in by it's subtle flyer- the loving couple together, with their shadows walking away from each other- a hint that there just might be more to this play than what was on the surface... At least, that's what I hoped for. This play delivered! A powerful story of a couple's attempt at starting a family, 'Love Is.' examines the perception of "the perfect couple," and asks hard questions about what it means to be a family, what a person is willing to sacrifice, and most importantly what love means to each of us. Powerhouse performances from both leads; American Molly Rose, and British actor Lee Turnbull, are not to be missed! Supporting cast is charming and grounded, and fill in this world very nicely... full review
DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 25, 2014
While Lee loves Emily more than anything else in the world, Emily has one thing she loves more than Lee: the idea of having a biological baby. When Lee’s low sperm count makes the chances of them conceiving nearly impossible, Emily must choose between Lee or trying to create a family the way she always envisioned it. (Adoption isn’t an option, as Emily never felt her adoptive mother’s love.) Lee Turnbull wrote, directed, and stars in Love Is, and he is admirably accomplished at all three.... Please read the rest of the review at <a href="">Cinesnatch</a>... full review
LEILA KUENZLE certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Just got back from seeing this intense, fantastic, raw and emotionally intelligent play. So excited to see such a rare live event that brought the audience first to tears and finally to their feet!! Run to see it! Don't stop. Go with friends and loved ones and plan to talk long into the night after. The casts performances are so real that a few times I turned away feeling embarrassed that I would be caught spying. Molly and lee are "crazy" good. The rest of the ensemble fall right in line. Go! Go! Go" ... full review
WILLIAM DAMIAN certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Just saw "Love is". Magnificent, a jewel in the crown of Theatre. Lee Turnbull, as a play writer and illactor is first class. The role of Emily was perfection. I am not one to cry, but I did. I am not one to yell BRAVO at the end, but I did. Every aspect was great, even to the front door becoming the bedroom door as the scenes changed. KUDOS to the Complex Theatre for presenting this performance. Bill... full review
JENN SCUDERI CRAFTS certified reviewer June 15, 2014
This is one of the best shows I've seen at the Fringe this year. It's beautifully written, directed and performed and you are engaged from the moment it starts to the very end. The audience audibly gasped at the last moment. There are some great offerings at Fringe, but this one is truly professional, moving and heartfelt theatre. Be sure not to miss this one! Congratulations to all involved - just excellent all around! ... full review
ERIN MOORE certified reviewer June 15, 2014
This show is absolutely in my top pick of shows being offered at this years Fringe. It will have you engaged and into the story from the start. I found myself completely rooting for the characters and really hoping they can just live happily ever after! A beautiful and touching piece that takes you along for a ride that you know probably can't end well! ... full review
AMICA HUNTER certified reviewer June 16, 2014
tagged as: touching · Raw · real · heartbreaking · Beautiful · Tragic · moving · Brave · vulnerable
Love Is. Wow, what an incredible, profoundly touching show. not only was the script excellently written, the performance was well cast, with convincing performers who really brought the story to life in a relatable, vivid way. I was enthralled from he first scene. This show captures the essence of love, heartache, vulnerability, and loss. My chest tightened and I couldn't help but cry right along with the players onstage who presented the real, raw, living expressions of grief, shock, and heartbreak. An incredibly honest, gut-wrenching show. ... full review
MARK LESTER certified reviewer June 22, 2014
It must not be easy to work under such a grand title as “Love Is.” You feel like someone’s about to sit you down and tell you once-and-for-all the answer to humankind’s greatest mystery. But Lee Turnbull’s earnest portrayal of a modern relationship quickly dismisses any ostentation and asserts that none of us know exactly what love is. Turnbull engages the audience by complimenting scenes of banality with scenes of explosive emotion. We watch as married couple Lee and Emily start off by laughing and chatting over drinks with their inner-circle of 20-something friends. They appear so happy and complacent with their lives it almost makes you sick. But the cast’s performances are consistently natural and extremely relatable, even when the... full review
JOHN KALLARAKKAL certified reviewer June 22, 2014
Writing and acting so well done that you know you have been there too!!! Your heart will be gripped, torn to shreds, and then twisted in a twilight zone fashion. A+. Go see this show and try not to cry and gasp. ... full review
BEN MOROSKI certified reviewer June 23, 2014
tagged as: Raw · visceral · powerhouse · must-see · muscular · intense
Anchored by powerhouse performances, "Love Is." IS a MUST-SEE event at this year's Hollywood Fringe. The specificity in the central performances is lovely and bracing. Get your tickets now. It's the only play I've seen at this year's Fringe that I immediately wanted to see again right after the lights went down. It packs a punch. It's raw. It's naked. It's visceral. It's good entertainment. It pays off. On a host of different levels. This is a sleeper hit. See it before it's gone. It'll leave you thinking and feeling.... full review