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comedy · beth dies inc / combined artform · Ages 13+ · United States

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GARY GILBERT certified reviewer June 19, 2014
in spite of excellent performances all around, Women felt more like an extended Saturday Night Live sketch than a play with some substance. i've been to the theatre thousands of times, and even lighter fare needs more than just fun moments. even though the intent was clear, a very clever take on Little Women using not just the characters of Girls but their attitudes and rhythms and behaviors, there was a sameness that took over the evening that lost it's sense of drama to me. at some point i was ahead of them, knowing what to expect. but, full disclosure, i am in my sixties, clearly not their target audience, and the crowd seemed to be more connected to that play than i was, so my reaction may be as much generational as anything else. fo... full review
DAVID HAVERTY June 24, 2014
Now this is how you do comedy. Best Show I've Seen At The Fringe... Hands Down. Someone compared it to a sketch on SNL... sorry SNL has nothing on this this show. Direction, Writing and Performance was spot on. Not a weak link in the entire production. If you missed this show you will be kicking yourself once you hear their name being called a hundred times. This show I predict will sweep the festival. Congrats!!!... full review
ERIN MUIR June 24, 2014
Such a fun and funny show, very witty and crisp. Thanks!... full review
This show was my #1 must see and boy am I glad I did! It's super clever, funny and the acting was top notch all around. I love seeing fun, smart theater embracing us funny gals. I only wish it was running longer so I could come back with friends. Great job Women:)... full review
KYLE HESTER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
Furiously fast and funny, every member of the cast is excellent, the comedy and satire is as razor sharp and painfully true as "Girls", and there's even a moment or two of suprising tenderness straight from "Little Women". Mostly it's just side-splittingly funny. GO SEE THIS. Best theatre I've EVER seen in LA.... full review
JOANNA SYIEK June 10, 2014
Easily my Fringe favorite. Stellar direction and spot on cast. Congrats to the writer for constructing an economical, brilliant and riotous script that pays homage to two vastly different works and also miraculously brings a fresh voice to the table as well (a "voice of the generation?"). Thoroughly enjoyable. Get a ticket if you still can.... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 10, 2014
Having recently seen a production of LITTLE WOMEN The Musical, I was very familiar with the story but was totally surprised and laughed repeatedly at this very fast-paced hysterically modern take on the story by Beth Dies, Inc. Each of the women are perfectly cast and take their characters seriously and firmly tongue in cheek at the same time Be prepared to laugh at the scenes go by at an astonishing pace! Poor Beth (Rachel Lin) takes the brunt of abuse for her coughing, carrying it to the point of a rap as she lays in bed dying. And bubblehead blonde Amy (Lydian Blossom) has such fun with her Valley Girl persona as she suffers from postpartum depression after giving birth to twine, confiding to the audience that there has to be mo... full review
PETER ARANGO certified reviewer June 10, 2014
We arrived with high expectations that were met and surpassed. The show is sharp, chest-spasmingly funny, beautifully paced, and exceedingly well played. It isn't easy to write or perform satire/tribute/parody/burlesque, and the cast pulls it off without pausing to catch a breath. Moving at high speed (including some remarkable choreography!), the play could easily have gone over the top; it doesn't There is a kind of delicacy of touch even in mordant moments (Beth dies!), and in the self-referential humor. I'm recommending the show to everyone I know and hoping it has a long and successful run!... full review
SARAH MCDERMOTT certified reviewer June 10, 2014
Hilarious, smart, and excellently executed by solid company of actors. Highly recommend! ... full review
MEGHA NABE certified reviewer June 10, 2014
tagged as: #bethdies
loved this show! funny, witty, and flew by. I was throughly entertained for its duration! I dont remember Little Women and i dont watch Girls and still I found such pleasure in this show. Go and watch before its too late!!V ... full review

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