I Want to Bury My Testimony

solo performance · mylipsis productions · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show world premiere

Multi-hyphenated talent Scott Hislop brings his pathos and wit to the stage in a provocative hour that isn’t shy about the subjects it takes on. He will unearth age old notions of dogmatic theology and societal gender roles, grind them into dust and hopefully inter them for good. This humorous and honest glimpse into one man’s plight to finding himself will have you recalling all the times you’ve “come out” again and again. Come lay to rest principles of faith and masculinity. I WANT TO BURY MY TESTIMONY.

Written and performed by Scott Hislop. Directed by the fabulous Kelleia Sheerin, who is a Goddess among performers herself, they both hope to see you there.

About Scott:
Upon landing in Los Angeles 20 years ago, Scott has performed in everything under the sun from sleazy music videos, to Oscar winning movies, to shows at the mall. He has worked with some of our times most beloved movie stars, to some of our worst wanna-be celebrity parasites, to have had a chair thrown at him by an A-list director (which will be in his next 1man show). Credits include, The Muppets, Spiderman III, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, The Wedding Planner, Charlie’s Angels, Titanic, How I Met Your Mother, and Dancing With the Stars.

Writer/performer – Scott Hislop
Director – Kelleia Sheerin
Producer – Nick Drago
Technical Director – Dominic Chaiduang
Director of Photography – Devin Jamieson
Stage Manager – Stella Choe
Consultant – Michael Riccio
Community Outreach – Malerie Grady

Production Team

dominic chaiduang *

technical director

stella choe *

stage manager

malerie grady *

community outreach

scott hislop *


* Fringe Veteran