Kelleia Sheerin

Kelleia is a wild-west born American actor/dancer/director/choreographer. Equal parts performer and creator, Kelleia is a rare broad who has carved out a career telling bewitching, quick-silvered stories of people on the verge of the either a break down or a break through. From directing award-winning plays to dancing as an absurd Scottish Tart in Eric Idle’s live radio-play What About Dick?, from portraying the ultra-savvy Burlesque Star of her time, Tempest Storm alongside Ryan Gosling & Josh Brolin in the film GANGSTER SQUAD, to originating a role on Broadway in Urban Cowboy and choreographing/assisting on myriad shows, plays, musicals Kelleia has built her reputation on an inherent understanding of the work, a respect for the unpredictable, the 10,000 hours of a professional and the ability to solve anything.