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Afterloves: Love Lives in the Afterlife

comedy · br guest productions · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States

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In the dating pool of the afterlife, there are a LOT of choices. Witness 8 couples of public figures across time and space attempt new love & continued love with each other in this 2 person show. Comfortably straddling the worlds of sketch comedy & theater, this show will make you laugh at absurdities and ponder the deeper truths of our pursuits of love & fulfillment. Are the Virgin Mary & P.T Barnum a match made in heaven (pun intended!)? Is Mark Twain ready to take the plunge with Joan of Arc? Come discover what happens next in the love lives of public figures after their chapters have ended here on Earth.

production team

betsy reisz *
actor & writer
ron hanks *
actor & writer

* Fringe Veteran

Captivating. Compelling. Transforming.

$5 OFF NOW. This powerful play will engage, inspire & motivate you. Blends humor & the passion we all share to live an epic life. Mike, in his unconscious moment of death, reaches out to his sons with wisdom to LIVE BIG & with passion & purpose

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