The Best of Craigslist: Live!

comedy · room 5 productions · Ages 12+ · United States

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JEN B certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: comedy hilarious
I laughed non-stop. Don't miss it!... full review
LAUREN FLANS certified reviewer June 14, 2014
Really, really, really funny show! I laughed til I literally teared up at one point. THIS SHOW MADE ME CRY. Definitely recommend! ... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: comedy · Craigslist
Any of us who have placed Craigslist ads to try and sell something, trade something, find a roommate, or follow up on a chance meeting will surely laugh their way through THE BEST OF CRAIGSLIST LIVE! at the Hudson Backstage Theater during Fringe! Read my full review on Broadway World Los Angeles at full review
CAROLE KIRSCHNER certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Great concept. Each one of the actors is both highly skilled and hilarious. Laughed almost the whole hour.... full review
SASHA EMERSON certified reviewer June 15, 2014
super fun, smart and hilarious...John Pick's wonderful ensemble of players make these real life (and insane) craigslist posts crazier than fiction....... full review
DELON HOWELL certified reviewer June 29, 2014
Outrageously, ridiculously funny. And to think that real people actually posted this stuff!... full review
DAN OSTER certified reviewer June 18, 2014
Best of Craigslist: Live! is a concept so simple and effective, you'll wish you'd thought of it. John Pick's stellar and eclectic cast don't rest on the idea alone however. They go all out, each doing a phenomenal job bringing to life some of the strangest posts you've ever heard with fully-realized characters. As much a showcase for the talent of the ensemble as it is an exploration of how much insanity there is in the world, Best of Craigslist: Live! is a hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable show. I loved it.... full review
DANIEL JOHNSON certified reviewer June 18, 2014
Based on the Funny or Die web series of the same name, this collection of verbatim craigslist posts serves as a fascinating kaleidoscope of humanity. The pieces range from relatable to silly to strange. Included in this production is a standard roommate search, a long-haired woman with a grooming fantasy, and a parachute for sale at a steal, though it admittedly failed to open on its last excursion. Each monologue seems hand-selected for its specificity; they could have only been written by the one person who did. While some posters are clearly in on the joke, others can only be absolutely sincere, brimming with a delightful lack of self-awareness. Director John Picks creates some nice moments where the staging .... Please read th... full review
CORWIN EVANS certified reviewer June 20, 2014
People write damn foolish things on the ol' Craigslist. As a denizen of the Internet and a strong believer in the burgeoning array of experimental fiction coming from it - Amazon reviews, greentext, trolling, Tumblr escapades, ad infinitum - I see nothing wrong with themed shows that cull material from the great expanse of weird that lurks behind a billion computers. That said, it seems to be irresponsible to present a show as fact when some pieces seem too far-fetched to be an earnest offer. Considering no statement was made to indicate the posts were "true" or "honest," I suppose the bases are covered, but I found it difficult to discern whether or not the source material was genuine commerce and not occasionally whimsical. The night I ... full review
JAEGER CHRISTIAN certified reviewer June 21, 2014
tagged as: hilarious · comedy
Loved it! Perfect stories, fantastic cast. I had fallen in love with Dana DeLorenzo when she was on Craig Ferguson, and she had two classic bits of great comedy worth the price of admission alone. The rest of the cast - just as good! Perfect for out-of-towners interested in seeing a good all-ages Fringe show, and great for Fringe fans looking to see how great LA comedy can be. ... full review