Hamlet Max

ensemble theatre · central city productions · Ages 12+ · United States

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TED HEYCK certified reviewer June 17, 2014
This eight person rendition of Hamlet is a must see for a variety of reasons. First, it is well-constructed forcibly moving performance of a great work. Second, it has been accomplished, with audio synchronized rear projections, on a shoe-string budget in a simple black box space. And third, in many ways the most remarkable feature, is that with the earnest help of seven others, one man steers this production as the adapter, director and Hamlet, Jacob Sidney. I am 73 years old and been immersed in theatre for most of those years. I have seen Hamlet performed multiple times on the West Coast (Ashland , South Coast Rep and the CTG), East Coast (Broadway: Burton and Jude), in the South, in Barcelona, Spain (where it was performe... full review
NICOLE ROSSI certified reviewer June 18, 2014
AMAZING PRODUCTION - make sure you attend this show! Hamlet in a mere 90 minutes? Is it possible? YES - and this is a production you don't want to miss!!! The entire concept of the post-apocalyptic world of Denmark within the framework of a graphic novel was a stunning slant on the classic play. The sound design and the original music was haunting and perfect to underscore the piece, and the the gorgeous artwork/ animation/ graphic design really brought the world to life to beautiful effect, especially coupled with the costume design that was both the destroyed future with historical elements of the past. The production designers have done such a beautiful job - by including only the props that are necessary to support the story, and t... full review
DAVID DIETZMAN certified reviewer June 30, 2014
This was an awesome production and performance due the incredible amount of raw creativity and perfect casting - even the use of female actors to perform some of the traditional male parts; After all acting is acting and once the novice to Hamlet gets past the confusion (It only took a minute or two) the rest of the play moved on without that being any distraction. This was a bold performance utilizing modern technology of the arts to portray a most accurate depiction of the human relationships analyzed by Shakespeare in Hamlet. The theatre investigative work done through the use of fully animated settings is groundbreaking and cutting edge and deserves further attention and development. It was very enjoyable from start to finish and ... full review
KATHIE FOLEY-MEYER certified reviewer June 30, 2014
Jacob Sidney stars in the lead role and directs this vibrant, imaginative and compact staging of the classic. The background animation had me wondering what a fully-animated version of the cast would be like; which is not to take anything away from the strong nature of performances themselves, (standouts include Matt Henerson’s Polonius and gravedigger (some actors had dual roles) and Jonathan Goldstein as Claudius and Kathy Bell Denton as Gertrude) and a very finely choreographed fight scene at the end—but I’d love to see the manga-style version of Hamlet’s flaming red and white striped hair. Hopefully this version will continue to be developed and staged again in a theater with a more functional and robust air conditioning system. O... full review
RALEIGH WEST certified reviewer June 30, 2014
HamletMax was FANTASTIC!! The animations, truly wonderful acting and edited down version made this production much more accessible than traditional Shakespeare performances. As someone who hasn't studied Shakespeare, I usually am left wondering what's going on half the time, but this stylized performance, I felt, extended a hand out to those among us who aren't in the know already and invited us in. Much appreciated, modern exploration while still remaining true to Shakespeare. Beautiful! I wish there was more like it!... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY http://www.workingauthor.com/ certified reviewer June 24, 2014
Well, Jacob Sidney played Hamlet. Hamlet lost. A production with quite a bit of money involved, and even more ego. Never a good mix as this show so sadly proves.... full review
NEAL WEAVER certified reviewer June 19, 2014
***This review first appeared on stageraw.com.*** Despite initial claims that this production is set in post-apocalyptic Denmark, director-adapter Jacob Sidney has given us a brisk, fast-moving and ultimately conventional production. The projected comic-book-style settings by Hillary Bauman and the eccentric costumes by Angi Bell Ursetta are initially startling: Hamlet (director Sidney) has crimson-dyed hair with a white stripe circling his head, a man’s suit-coat with sleeves cut out, and bare feet, with garish red toe-nail polish. But the play’s sweep soon makes us forget the oddities, though Sidney often seems more interested in the exotic externals than in a serious exploration of the text Aside from some gender-blind casting, t... full review