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The Divine Teat

solo performance · thomas la barbera christensen · Ages 13+ · one person show · United States

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KIMBERLY FOX certified reviewer June 23, 2014
Mr. Christensen is insane…in a good way. Very funny, loopy, multi-character self-help session where we're inspired to remember: it is possible to suck it and get absolutely everything we want--out of life and comedy and absurdist theater. What a blessing...... full review
AL RAHN certified reviewer June 24, 2014
tagged as: bizarre · off-the-wall · spirituality · retro
Thomas Christenson's "Divine Teat" is a bizarrely funny piece, placing the audience as, well, the audience of a retro, spiritual self-help session led by quirky guru Juergen Liebedich (played by Christenson himself). While I was a big fan of the character (it reminded me of something straight out of SNL), and Christenson's charm and confidence was the definitive highlight, the script was a little loose for my tastes and left me wanting more from this German madman. I got the feeling that writing was holding back a little too much for a concept so off-the-wall. Still, Christenson is a talent and a man worth watching in years to come. Hope to see more of his stuff!... full review
GREG Z June 29, 2014
Thanks to my inthemomentnipplepin my life has already changed for the better and my chakra is so much happier. There are gags, props, video moments, air fresheners, and totally out of nowhere some of the best Dean Martin and Jim Morrison tunes I've ever heard live. Great show!... full review
JANET MILLER certified reviewer June 21, 2014
tagged as: funny · quirky · off beat · creative · wacky · festive · laughs · good time
Such a funny concept & character! Loved the wacky, quirky nature of the show. Most enjoyable and lots of laughs. ... full review


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