solo performance · jon peterson · Ages 14+ · United States

one person show world premiere
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MARY O'LEARY certified reviewer June 08, 2014
"He Wrote Good Songs" is a marvelous tour de force performance by Jon Peterson. It is a moving portrayal of highs and lows in the life of the multitalented British actor, singer, songwriter, Anthony Newley. A show not to be missed!... full review
JANET MILLER certified reviewer June 14, 2014
I LOVE Anthony Newley and all his brilliant songs, mostly written with Leslie Bricusse...some of us are 'at that age' and we remember...So Jon's charming and heartfelt performance was truly a gift. It is clear he has total command of the material and the storytelling and he works perfectly with his onstage partner-in-crime, MD Joshua Kranz. Kudos also go to director Gwen Hillier. This is a DO NOT MISS SHOW! ... full review
JIM WITOSZYNSKI certified reviewer June 17, 2014
A very entertaining show filled with lots of good songs. This show is a one man show about Anthony Newley (Google him). I remember him just a little bit growing up (he was a regular on variety shows) and knew him mostly from his singing style (which I remembered as being a little irritating) and from being in the movie "Doctor Dolittle" - the Rex Harrison version. This show covers his life from being a kid in London to his death in 1999. After seeing this show I feel like I have met the guy. Jon Peterson really captures Anthony Newley's style of singing but he is able to make it even more pleasant. The way the story is weaved in with the lyrics of the songs is very well done. The music is played live by the musical director, Joshua Kranz and... full review
CAROL NACE certified reviewer June 17, 2014
This was ok. Unfortunately, the performer should have been miked. It was often times hard to hear over the music. Additionally, he forgot his lines at least twice and once needed cues from his producer. ... full review
TRACE OAKLEY certified reviewer June 29, 2014
I am a great fan of Anthony Newley, and naturally was excited to see this show. Overall, it was a major disappointment. Jon Peterson doesn't sound at all like Newley. He has a rather thin voice, but the real problem is that he lacks Newley's depth and darkness, and only occasionally recreates Newley's unique mannerisms. The show felt rushed, with nearly every song played at the same fast tempo. As the director of a Fringe show myself, I know about the running time rules, but I would have liked a few cuts, thus allowing some songs and dialog to play out at a natural pace. The script was pretty terrible, peppered with stale old jokes, and pedestrian telling of Newley's life story. Newley and his songs could and should be a great and compelling... full review
CHARLES ZIARKO certified reviewer June 30, 2014
Pure Theatre at its best---a solo performance, augmented by a few props, supported by a splendid synthesizer accompaniment. "The Life of Anthony Newley" lends itself to this treatment, as he was himself a splendid solo performer, and a solitary man throughout his colorful---but rarely admirable---life. You may not LIKE Newley, but you can't help liking his song catalog, skillfully (but not chronologically) woven through the narrative of his 69 years. Jon Peterson takes command from the start, and after an hour-and-a-half brings the audience to its feet for an ovation he deserves! 100% recommended to anyone who appreciates literate theatre songs and compelling performers! ... full review
PAUL WONG certified reviewer June 21, 2014
I have been a Newley fan for decades, and I would've enjoyed the songs even as a simple concert, but "He Wrote Good Songs" is so much more than an "and then he wrote" sort of show. Jon Peterson is a charming and entertaining performer, with the often famous songs resonating with Newley's tumultuous life in unexpected ways, illustrating his backstory in a very human and moving fashion. Excellent musical support is provided by Joshua Eli Krantz on the keyboard as well. As a friend commented to me after the performance today, "this show should be required viewing for anyone putting on a one man show to see how it should be done".... full review