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Double Play

comedy · double play players · Ages 14+ · family friendly · United States

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Pennant Fever (Act One)
….sounds like a play about baseball but it is really about two loners who meet at the crack of dawn in front of Yankee Stadium. Herbert Schienman is an over-organized scholar into his seventh year of graduate studies. He hates sports but is preparing a Ph.D. in audience behavior at sports events. It’s a form of revenge – for all the humiliations suffered as a boy when he tried to play games.

In sharp contrast, Rosalie Mannessee has gone beyond fan. She considers herself to be a mascot, and is sure the Yankees can’t win unless she’s there to buy the first ticket that goes on sale.

These two klutzy, headstrong, proud and lonely losers play a mock game of baseball whose most valuable prize is a much-needed friendship.

Home Plate (Act Two) will hopefully be performed soon at a theater near you in the near future.

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* Fringe Veteran

Mil Grus

LA’s premier bouffon troupe: a motley crew of miscreants have crawled out of the gutter to make you question reality. Our feats of physical and existential comedy defy explanation and provoke unfettered, eery glee. Come see what's behind the curtain.

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