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Beau & Aero

dance & physical theatre · a little bit off · Ages 4+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States

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DAN AMERMAN June 23, 2014
really funny and clever, great for the whole family!!... full review
JAMES CAREY June 23, 2014
Great fun and really entertaining!! I totally enjoyed myself. ... full review
TAYLOR FUNKHOUSER certified reviewer June 24, 2014
If someone told me I was gonna see a 50 minute show with two clowns and no dialogue and I was gonna enjoy it, I would've told them they were crazy! I not only enoyed this show, I LOVED IT!!! I'm sad it was their last show for Fringe. They have skillfully brought an old craft to a present audience that gave me a whole new appreciation for clowning, mime, and physical comedy. I've seen so many bad attempts of physical comedy, I can't remember the last time I've seen it well done. Beau and Aero changed all of that! They will be in the San Diego Fringe Festival. Im thinking of making the trip to see them again. It's really that good.... full review
MATT RICHTER June 24, 2014
First of all, this is truly a show for the whole family. I attended as a solo adult, and was honestly just as entranced as the children in the audience. This show is downright charming. Combining humor and physicality unmatched in a venue so intimate, Beau and Aero is absolutely worth seeing. ... full review
CARYN FRANKEL EVANS certified reviewer June 24, 2014
We went to see Beau and Aero the other night at the Dorie Theatre. The two actor/ clowns Amica Hunter and David Cantor were so funny. Amica is so talented and expressive. The whole show was delightful and wonderful. On one part they were dancing with a balloon in between them. Also they got the audience involved and one of the people they called up to the stage was my daughter's boyfriend. This show was totally sweet. These two aviators with ridiculous antics and acrobatic stunts made me laugh and smile even though they never spoke any words. ... full review
ENCI BOX June 24, 2014
Fantastic for ages 0-100 and beyond! Playtime of my 2 1/2 year old was inspired after this performance. My son was rolling his ping-pong ball with the paddle over his body. He tried to roll a little car onto his hands and over his arms. He wanted to play music with a broken balloon. These are just a few examples of his playtime a day after the show, which is not just amazing but I believe that any good kids show should provide this kind of positive, thoughtful, and playful inspiration to all it's viewers. The performance of Beau & Aero was solid, with lots of laughter for little ones and adults alike. This sow is a must see! ... full review
LEE TURNBULL certified reviewer June 25, 2014
Such a great show! So much fun. Who would of knew that so much could be done with balloons! Beau and Aero were one of my highlights at this years fringe and was a show that had everyone talking. A young team with incredible chemistry and just a natural talent to make people smile. The using of audience members was so funny and had me very nervous at one point as I found myself being stroked and played with by one of the dynamic duo. Such good fun and such a shame their show has ended, as so much talk has been 'I really wanted to see that show, I heard it was great" You heard right. A first class clown comedy!!!!... full review
tagged as: Playful · fun · charming
I saw the preview of Beau & Aero, and loved it! It was sweet and charming, using simple props in all the ways you can possibly use them. Although no words are used, the two characters are so expressive and show their adventures through sounds, looks, and gestures. There were some incredible acrobatic tricks, and a lot of adorable goofiness. A delight!... full review
LILI BARSHA June 13, 2014
tagged as: delightful · good for kids · fun · hollywood · theatre
A delightful show. Great for young and old. I'm jaded and hate everything - but this show made me (the Grinch of Theatre), smile- and then laugh. Glad the Fringe includes the core of theatre - two people moving thru space onstage - clowning, mime - these are the roots of our craft. And the performers are skilled. For those of us who have seen everything and been everything - and at the end of it all, are asking where have all the mimes gone? Lucky for us they are here, alive and well, and playing in Hollywood. Thanks for striking me in the heart with your Beau and Aero, Fringe Fest - I thought it was impenetrable.... full review
JARED FLADELAND certified reviewer June 14, 2014
tagged as: clown · funny · family · Acrobatics · acro · laughs · Playful · interactive
A simple idea executed very well. This is a great show for a family. They are present with the audience and their actions inspired laughs, cheers, jeers, and then some laughs again! This show deserves sold out shows! Again it would be great for the family! Stop what you're doing and buy a ticket now!... full review

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