Meet & Greet

comedy · combined artform · Ages 16+ · United States

world premiere
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GREGORY BLAIR certified reviewer June 08, 2014
5 more ways than one! MEET & GREET is hip, hilarious Hollywood mayhem from start to finish. The four actresses (very meta, playing four actresses) are all pitch perfect, as is Paul Iacono as the lone male in the casting office. Each leading lady has her own story and her own show stopping laughs and Mr. Iacono holds his bitchy own amidst this master class in comedy. Writers Stan Zimmerman and Christian McLaughlin pack on a pile of yuks, a pinch of pathos and a truly wicked twist that caps off the most fun you can have in eighty minutes. Mr. Zimmerman directs with panache, keeping the pace light-footed while allowing his actors to each take their moments of well-earned guffaws. If you need a good chuckle--or, more app... full review
EVA CHARNEY certified reviewer June 09, 2014
"Meet & Greet" is not to be missed! Brilliantly witty, hilarious and a true joy from beginning to end! Superbly written, directed and performed -- it is a luscious gem!!... full review
MARLENE COOPER certified reviewer June 09, 2014
Very funny and entertaining show. ... full review
SHARI BARRETT certified reviewer June 26, 2014
tagged as: comedy · hollywood · casting · Must See
Highlighted with brilliant acting, writing and directing MEET AND GREET is bound to be one of the biggest hits at this year's Fringe. The premise is we are in a casting office in the San Fernando Valley, present day. Four actresses have been called in for one part during pilot season, and each one appears to be at the end of her acting rope and really needs the job. Each is greeted by a catty, young, gay male CASTING ASSISTANT (Paul Iacono) who seems to be more than happy to feed the egos of the needy actresses. As he escorts each actress into the off stage casting meeting, the other three reveal much about their lives, needs, and many shortcomings. The four actresses (Carolyn Hennesy, Vicki Lewis, Teresa Ganzel, and Daniele Gaither) ... full review
SUZANNE FORD certified reviewer June 26, 2014
I'm just adding to the chorus of high praise for this piece. The script is hilarious, as are all the cast. Bravura performances from all, in a wonderfully absurd but wittily satirical send up of west coast show biz ridiculousness. The cast is spectacular, especially Teresa Ganzel, who rocks the house. She's on-the-floor funny, with impeccable yet distinctive comic timing, and manages a 180 degree pivot into a truthful, even poignant new character turn with grace and charm. Please someone write a pilot for this woman.... full review
ERIN DUNLAP certified reviewer June 26, 2014
I love this play!!! Hysterical dialogue, wonderful actors, great direction... it was a fabulous evening of theater. I brought ten co-workers and everyone loved it. A few of them wanted to add their own comments: This play is amazing! Laugh out loud funny with a fabulous twist at the end. What a joy to see mature actresses playing the hell out of such fabulous roles! -Eric What a clever premise! I so enjoyed the play and the great performances. -Sally Everyone should go see this play! It was sold out, but they just added another performance on July 11th, so run, don't walk, to see "Meet & Greet!" - Adam Super funny throughout, with some great heartfelt moments as well. - Mike Awesome play! Carolyn Hennesy is beyond brilliant!... full review
SARALEA ALTMAN certified reviewer June 15, 2014
Wickedly funny. Great cast. The audience was laughing out loud through the whole show. I enjoyed it very much.... full review
ERIC MUELLER certified reviewer June 15, 2014
tagged as: hilarious · funny · laugh · brilliant
Fantastically funny play-- you can tell the writers are experienced at sitcoms/TV... it's like every 3rd line is a setup and pay off for a joke. I've never laughed so much at a play. If you are looking for something hilarious (with some clever commentary on Hollywood/TV) then this is the show for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.... full review
LAURA SUMMER certified reviewer June 28, 2014
Brilliantly executed from the casting to the acting, directing and script. These fabulous actresses are at the top of their game. Loved it!... full review
KAREN BANKHEAD certified reviewer June 28, 2014
tagged as: comedy · hilarious · writing · funny
This play is just a hoot, and not just for those who've been in "this town" long enough to remember the days of the Thomas Guide, answering services and Hamburger Hamlet being the place to be. Yes, the Hollywood industry insider jokes are in there, but even my brother-in-law (a bonafide show biz civilian) found it hysterical. And what a delicious treat to see four brilliant actresses deliver the wickedly funny lines of Stan Zimmerman and Christian McLaughlin with such panache! Daniele Gaither, Teresa Ganzel, Vicky Lewis and Carolyn Hennesy are just spot on in their delivery and squeezing the heck out of four delightful characters. I could go on and on about how each of these ladies are a-mah-zing, but let's just say this is one priceless ens... full review