Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies

comedy · infinite monkey project · Ages 18+ · United States

One summer not too long ago, a brand-spanking-new play opened at a modest 40-seat theater in Hollywood: an eight-character romantic comedy that was funny, smart, and entertaining. Like most such productions, the original run was attended by friends and family of the cast, plus a few enterprising theatre-goers entranced by the title, or the postcard, or both…

But then reviews started rolling in… and they were really GOOD! Thus a hit was born. When we thought the play had run its course, we announced a closing date and threw a blow-out closing night party…. only to wake up the next morning to an answering machine full of requests for reservations. We reopened, and kept going, and going, and going… Big, fancy producers came calling, talking about a New York run and a national tour… but could the play just be rewritten a bit… to cut out a few characters… or maybe make it a one-act… or, actually, could you maybe turn it into a one-person show, with puppets…? And after much due deliberation, we decided, that no, we actually really liked the play the way it was: an eight-character romantic comedy that was funny, smart, and entertaining.

And so the bunnies rode quietly off into the sunset… UNTIL NOW.

A few years have passed and while all of us have gone on do to many other shows, this is the one everyone still asks about…. Not only that, but there’s now an entire generation (in Los Angeles, a few years constitutes a generation) of new people who haven’t even heard of the show… or rather, haven’t heard of it yet…

AND SO… we are very pleased to announce the triumphant return of Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of Daisies… with a BRAND NEW CAST of incredibly talented performers…. I mean UNBELIEVABLY talented… seriously, you should see them, they’re amazing…

Thank you very much!

“Absurdly Hilarious!” – LA Times
“Screamingly Funny!” – Variety
“The Perfect Show!” – Backstage
BEST IN FRINGE” – Theatre Mania

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran