The Baby

ensemble theatre · the visceral company · Ages 18+ · United States

includes nudity world premiere

Social worker Ann Gentry finds herself with a very unusual case: the Wadsworth family, whose youngest member, Baby, is an adult man who sleeps in a crib and acts like an infant. Is Ann on the case to help the disabled Baby escape his abusive mother and sisters, or is her interest in him more… special? Part bizarre love story, part twisted fairy tale, part mystery thriller and all outrageous and offensive, the 70s cult film comes to the stage with a story so strange and shocking, you won’t believe it’s happening right in front of you. 18+ only.

“Gleefully perverse… So weird it will almost have your eyes a-bugging and your jaw a-gaping… Hilarious production boasts crisp comic timing and a delicious campiness.” — Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

“A 75-minute onslaught of campy psychosis… This is utterly sick shit, and hysterical throughout, with all the incest, murder, bright colors, brain damage, and bad disco dancing you could possibly dream of, capped off with a twist ending to die for.” — John Skipp, Fangoria

“Fully committed to the tropes and excesses of exploitation cinema, the cast and crew of The Baby revel in this sick and demented little domestic melodrama… This is a loving farce of an obscure and obscene film, and is the most fun I’ve had at a play in a long time.” — Andrew Moore, Mad Theatrics

“This thing is just twisted, funny and wacky… Consistently depraved in a consistently silly way.” — Colin Mitchell, Bitter Lemons

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran