The Miss Julie Dream Project

ensemble theatre · fell swoop playwrights · Ages 21+ · United States

world premiere
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MICHAEL SHAW FISHER uncertified reviewer June 12, 2013
A fun deconstruction. I admit it is often confusing, but then I haven't read A Dream Play since college. The "project" centers mostly around Miss Julie her struggle, or more specifically the-actor-playing-her's struggle to find an interpretation of Miss Julie that she can apply to herself - or unlock Julie's secrets for a successful show. Along the way she the Dream Play is used to break into the many levels of interpreting Julie's story in a Pirendello-character-in-search-of-an-author quest, which keeps stripping away each layer as one dream leads to another. Like I said, it was difficult to follow as someone who is not currently studying the material, and the dream structure made it harder - but it kept my attention and had the audienc... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 20, 2013
A great space for an adventurous play. A meta theatrical experience that explores, and mashes up, two of Strindberg's plays. The actors were committed to their roles, and were obviously having a lot of fun with the piece. ... full review
JOSE CASAS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2013
First thing that popped into my head after this play ended was "man, i need to reread MISS JULIE." If you are into Strindberg [and even if you are not], I recommend this play: an interesting deconstruction of this iconic dramatic character. I am still digesting what I saw which is a good thing. Using different dreams to explore issues such as feminism through the protagonist was quite clever; at times serious & other times humurous. ... full review
FRANK QUINN uncertified reviewer June 17, 2013
I thought this play was a great vehicle for letting the actors explore their craft. The fluid nature of the plotline demands that the actors present clear and sensible intentions to bring structure to the content. It was great watching this troupe work together with this interesting presentation.... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 18, 2013
I may have loved it more if I knew the play, "Miss Julie". I'm assuming scenes referenced the original and therefore I would say it was a great idea for an actor's nightmare. The stage was small and the direction was lacking. Perhaps with clear blocking I wouldn't have minded the small space. Also the seating arrangement made it difficult to see past other patrons and blocking on the floor should have been eliminated. Not knowing "Miss Julie," scenes came across as absurdist humor and did not always connect very well for me. The actors had some nice moments and it was entertaining.... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2013
Loved the acting - the actors were working like crazy from scene to scene and playing multiple characters! It was crazy and strange and fun - don't know if we followed every moment but I don't think I needed to. The end was surprisingly sweet.... full review
ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2013
A nonlinear, existential exploration on acting and Miss Julie by August Strindberg. Filled with humor and thoughtful discussions on love, art, gender, sex and feminism. Bold and thoroughly engaging!! ... full review
THEATER SNOOB uncertified reviewer June 18, 2013
I loved it. It was better than cats. I am going to see it again and again. Actually, I thought the play was great. I am not familiar with the play it is based on, but still found it highly entertaining. Great acting and well written. The schizophrenic energy as the actors/scenes changed constantly really kept my attention. ... full review
JP RAPOZO uncertified reviewer June 17, 2013
All in all everything about the show was great. Superb bunch of performers with lots of energy and it was much appreciated. The pacing was perfect and writing was witty. ... full review