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Double Bind

ensemble theatre · right mistake productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 25, 2013
Watching Double Bind was like preparing a meal in a slow cooker. You add water and the various ingredients, then turn the heat on low so that the meal can cook slowly, holding in all the flavors of the ingredients until the meal slowly comes together. Lyons' captured all the nuances of the incredible script from Blake Shields Abramovitz (who also stars as Frank), as one by one the ingredients are added to the slow cooker. Adding to the mix were Clark Freeman as Sam and Ceri Bethan as Laura. Don't miss this show - it may be one of the best at the Fringe this year.... full review
IAN FEDERGREEN certified reviewer June 18, 2013
Boy did this play leave me cold. A man's domestic life is interrupted by a shady friend from his past. The performances were fine, I guess, but I was not interested in any of it. The fact that this show appears to be well-received brings me back to those Magic Eye books, where I could never see the picture. I would give this a solid "Miss." full review