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Double Bind

ensemble theatre · right mistake productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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June 11, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I am so pleased to be providing the first review for folks considering seeing Double Bind. Should you get a ticket? Yes!!!! GO GO GO. There at least 3 reasons.

1) the writing is inspired. Blake Abramovitz is a literary alchemist who really unrolls a red carpet of poetry, to create a world layered on top of our own – a world of Kerouacian fantasy of a bohemian liberation which, in this discourse between old friends is ultimately exposed to be either a lie or the truth. The conversation seems to exist within two halves of the same mind, like in True West. Abramovitz doesn’t leap to his morals heavy-handidly, the characters toil their way honestly and with sincere care for each other. 2) the cast is spot on. The dialogue was poetic at times full of firecracker imagery and sage wisdom but equally impressive was the way the words flowed though the performances. The conviction the actors brought and the heart were boldy evident in their performance. Blake chews up scenery when he makes his long-anticipated enterence and when he does, he comes off as a little unbelievable like he’s trying to do a Tom Waits impression, complete with feigned drunkeness, flamboyant gestures and gravely-poetic “hey Jack” pomposity – but it all works for the charlatan “Frank” ultamately is. “The bottle is empty” and always was.

3) the direction: Aaron Lyons is truly an actor’s director and brings out the rhythm of his scenes words as a kind of music. He also knows how to keep a scene snapping back and forth like dogs in a pit. I offen
Found myself wondering if someone was going to fight or f&$k the other person.

Even now, the quotes are still rattling around my brain.
Great work, guys!! You should be proud!!

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