The Sphere of Fixed Stars in the Heavens by J. Holtham

Two Person Show · bespoke plays · Ages 14+ · 90 mins · United States of America

world premiere
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MARY AMELIA BEYER certified reviewer June 20, 2024
I lost my partner suddenly about a month ago. This show was such a powerful exploration of the magnitude of impact we make on one another, even in the briefest of relationships—in grateful to have seen it and especially to have seen it at this moment. I can’t recommend it more highly. ... full review
GREGORY CRAFTS certified reviewer June 19, 2024
Oh man. Oh. Man. Go see this show. Trust me. What starts as a fun meet cute between two acquaintances at a party suddenly takes a HARD TURN AND TWISTS into a love story for the ages. I won't tell you how. Just trust me and enjoy the journey. This is easily one of my favorite shows of the festival thus far, and it deserves your attention. ... full review
MARK SELDIS certified reviewer June 19, 2024
This is a lovely play, beautifully performed. A simple but smart love story.... full review
KALI THOMAS certified reviewer June 19, 2024
tagged as: surprising · Sci-Fi · heartwarming · funny
What a touching story with so many unexpected twists. VonDexter and Tifanny really tugged at our heartstrings and also cracked us up. ... full review
LAURA SCRUGGS certified reviewer June 19, 2024
Beautiful, funny, romantic, unpredictable.... full review
ALLISON YOUNGBERG certified reviewer June 18, 2024
This brilliant two hander captivated me every moment these two fabulous actors were onstage. It subverted my expectations as it took me on a hilarious and surprising journey! I was very moved by this marvelous new play and thought about it long after I left the theatre. What a meaningful and delightful play - don't miss it!... full review
ALAYNA HEIM certified reviewer June 18, 2024
tagged as: Sci-Fi · romantic · heartwarming · funny · smart · charming
Absolutely delightful! The characters are charming and the story is unique surprising! ... full review
JAMI LOSURDO certified reviewer June 18, 2024
I know the writer and I know he's very talented, but The Sphere of Fixed Stars in the Heavens took me to another level that I knew was possible but still didn't expect. It's an incredibly touching story about love and loss, expectations and boundaries, told through a unique and unexpected lens that I can't share without spoiling. ... full review
JONAH WEILAND certified reviewer June 17, 2024
Love this play! Stories about timeless love affairs are plentiful, but SPHERE approaches this in a unique way I've never seen before. It's filled with nerd references, making it feel current and engaged with the zeitgeist of modern popular culture, without being so dedicated to that POV that it becomes inaccessible for mainstream audiences. Tiffany Smith does a great job riding the emotional roller coast that is her character's journey, while Von makes deft character choices, but I'd rather not say more as it's a spoiler for the show.... full review
JEREMY GOLDSTEIN certified reviewer June 17, 2024
An absolutely lovely, charming, and magical play that surprises you at every turn while simultaneously making you feel like you've known and loved these characters for years. At times laugh-out-loud funny and at times heartbreaking, ultimately "The Sphere of Fixed Stars in the Heavens" is the kind of sweeping romantic oddball epic that somehow manages to still feel intimate and deeply personal. Acted beautifully and directed with thoughtful, delicate touches that let the text and emotional heart of the piece take center stage. Loved it!... full review