Stolen Stories: Reclaiming Those that Our Government Keeps from Us

Solo Show · carolfrances · Ages 0+ · United States of America

Pay What You Can one person show world premiere


As we enter this New Age when people – especially the youth – all around the world are rising up, stories of the courageous people who rose up before us should empower us – but not if we can’t hear them. 


As part of that generation raised in the red-scare of the McCarthy Era, I had to encounter these stories on my own. I wish to share a few of them with all of you so that together we can begin to restore them to the people. Together let us gather stories from all communities of working people, especially those of communities of color, and share them widely.


We have to question things:


How could a man who was said to be “the best known American in the world” be virtually erased from our history?


How could women play a community-changing role in a labor strike and not be known by every oppressed worker, even with a feature movie telling their story?


How could a fascinating story about one single daring act igniting the struggle for unemployment insurance not be as well known as that of some kid admitting to chopping his father’s cherry tree?


And what’s this about the attempt to ban TikTok?


Does it have to do with the three richest white men owning the same amount of wealth as 160 million people? Is it that their ability to continue swallowing up more and more of our wealth would be seriously endangered by our taking back these stolen stories?


Come share a few powerful stories in a solo show and bring yours along for the talk-back.






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