Milk: A Very Dairy Sketch Show

Comedy · fish licks · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

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JAMES FERRERO certified reviewer June 15, 2024
tagged as: Comedy · funny · absurd · milk · sketch
One of the funniest shows I've seen in a while, Milk wears its WEIRDNESS in the open for all to see. You seriously won't know what's coming next as the absurdity is matched by dedicated performances and imaginative writing. You must see it to truly believe it.... full review
ANDREW BROWN certified reviewer June 15, 2024
tagged as: sketch
Milk has some of the most original and hilarious sketches I've seen in a long time. ... full review
HARRIS COVINGTON MCGRADE certified reviewer June 09, 2024
tagged as: fun · comedic · funny · hilarious
Went to see Milk with a couple of friends and walked out talking and laughing about the sketches from the show for the next few hours. So much damn fun! We had a blast, and I'll be trying to see this one again, if my schedule allows it... full review
CELIA GURNEY certified reviewer June 08, 2024
I loved this deep and varied exploration of the world of milk! The video segments that played between live sketches made the transitions feel so seamless - there was no down time. Fast-paced and hilarious ... full review
JOHN KLENK certified reviewer June 08, 2024
tagged as: multimedia · sketch · Comedy
Absurd. Irreverent. Hilariously funny. A great time for anyone who has enjoyed dairy products (or knows someone who has). ... full review
ZACH WYMORE certified reviewer June 08, 2024
Had a fantastic time watching this show! An incredibly silly and surprisingly factual history of milk. Fishlicks’ chemistry was palpable and the fun they were having was so contagious. Laugh out loud funny and a great way to kick off my Fringe month!... full review
NEIL KOPEREK certified reviewer June 08, 2024
tagged as: unpredictable · absurd · funny
Fishlicks delivers a seamless hour of laughs, "Milk" somehow provides the perfect subject for hyper-focus as they manage to pluck the absurd from the mundane. What's not to love?... full review
MATT KAMIMURA certified reviewer June 08, 2024
I laughed my udders off! ... full review
KAT SQUIRES certified reviewer June 14, 2024
tagged as: milk · Sketch Comedy
Silly, goofy, entertaining. Very fun show! ALL HAIL MILKY DAN! ... full review
NICOLE KNUDSEN certified reviewer June 20, 2024
Milk: A Very Dairy Sketch Show takes its absurdist premise (“What if there was no milk anymore?”) and gleefully runs away with it. A hilarious and absolutely WILD sketch show that lives up to its name (SO much dairy!).... full review