What the Chuck?!

Comedy · icu theatre · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere

The year is 2027, and the newly formed US Department of D.R.A.M.A. has begun BANNING any and all theatrical works deemed inappropriate for American consumption. The newest playwright to be investigated is Chuck Mee. Over the course of an hour and fifteen minutes,  a group of highly trained Government Actors will perform selected scenes from Chuck Mee’s plays to decide, with the help of the audience, whether these plays are full of filth and anti-American ideals or whether they are approved to remain in the American Canon.


And now a message from The US Dept of DRAMACITIZENS. You have been SUMMONED by the United States Department for the Regulation of All Musical and Acting Arts (commonly referred to as The D.R.A.M.A. Department)  to serve as a CULTURAL AUDITOR for the theatrical works of contemporary American Playwright CHARLES L. MEE. If the performances of these “works” produce ANTI-AMERICAN SENTIMENTS, PERVERSE THOUGHTS, or SELF REFLECTION in any meaningful way, they will be permanently BANNED and DELETED from existence. THANK YOU for your participation in The Making America Super Great Initiative.”


What the Chuck?! is a peak into a possible future that looms on our horizon. The power to censor and the future of theatre is thrust gently into your hands in this interactive dark comedy created by Lee Margaret Hanson, Will Thomas McFadden, and of course Chuck Mee.  This show is sure to make you laugh, maybe cry a little,  but most importantly VOTE.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran