Party Princess

Solo Show · siben productions · Ages 13+ · 30 mins · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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MARKEN GREENWOOD certified reviewer June 22, 2024
A parable for millennial angst - what starts as a frothy comedy ends on a deeper note…under the sea. ... full review
BRETT MOORE certified reviewer June 22, 2024
Amanda, our heroine, takes us through a rollercoaster afternoon at a kids party where if it can go wrong it does, and gives the kids a wild lesson about real fairytales and real life. ... full review
JAMES FERRERO certified reviewer June 22, 2024
tagged as: disney · frozen · princess
Party Princess takes us on a chaotically hilarious journey of a woman just trying to do her job, entertain the children. Amanda Kuo is engaging as our heroine as she navigates demanding children, angry parents, and worst of all, CAPITALISM.... full review
CAT MIGGS certified reviewer June 22, 2024
If you ever worked as a party princess not only brings back memories but what we wished we could say at a party! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 20, 2024
tagged as: Comedy · short · fun
Don't miss this show! Had a blast getting a behind the scenes peek at what it could be like working as a Princess for children's birthday parties. Super fun, super fast, and the performance was great!... full review
MANDY RUBELI certified reviewer June 17, 2024
Amanda is an excellent performer, expertly captivating us with Skylar's phenomenal writing. This show was beautiful to watch, both from the amazing costumes & set, and the way the writing hits you right in your heart. ... full review
BRANDON KARSH certified reviewer June 15, 2024
A fun bite size existential romp led by a fantastic and endlessly charming lead. ... full review
DAWN BRANCH certified reviewer June 15, 2024
tagged as: solo · party · bubbles · not disney · princess
Such a fun show! There are bubbles and princesses and even when she snaps, the Ice Queen is just remarkable to watch. ... full review
DEVON DREW certified reviewer June 15, 2024
tagged as: princess party · Acting · fun
A fun take on a kids birthday party! The acting and commitment was great! ... full review
ALEXANDRA KOWAL certified reviewer June 13, 2024
tagged as: interactive · disney · funny · solo show · Comedy
Party Princess was a funny one-woman show where a hired performer for a children’s birthday party arrives in the wrong costume and then must attempt to entertain the kids despite this mistake. It’s a lovely little musing on the Disneyfication of our culture versus facing the cold hard truths of reality, told mainly through the lens of The Little Mermaid.... full review