The Planet Earth Farewell Concert

Cabaret & Variety · sacred fools theater company · Ages 8+ · 75 mins to 80 mins · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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WESLIE BROWN certified reviewer June 20, 2024
This show is meant to stir all us humans up - in a very funny and entertaining way - to evaluate what we, as individuals and as a community, are doing to help Planet Earth survive. As an audience, we're asked to get out of our comfort zones, and try something new. And by showing up, we're rewarded. See it!... full review
ISABEL STOREY certified reviewer June 16, 2024
tagged as: ensemble · humorous · relevant · funny · entertaining
We very much enjoyed our trip to Planet Earth. The show was spirited and lively with a resonant message.... full review
NATALIE DRESSEL certified reviewer June 16, 2024
A concert starring a late-stage Judy version of planet earth. This is a mobilizing piece that is written to spur the audience into action, much like the pro-unionizing theatre of yesteryear. I laughed a lot, but also felt sad and doom in my tummy. This musical really puts you through the wringer.... full review
JAY DUTCHER certified reviewer June 16, 2024
I cackled, I mourned, I learned. A musical dedicated to the Planet Earth, who is honestly not looking super great right now. Audience Participation included. ... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 14, 2024
Really fun time. Planet Earth is hysterical but also features some really candid statistics that make this show a powerful show masked behind a lot of humor.... full review
HARLEY WALKER certified reviewer June 10, 2024
tagged as: hopeful · community · inventive
This show will give you the giggles and a renewed hope in humanity. Two things it feels like we could really use at the moment. Inventive characters (some you you and some you don't!), unexpected structure, and original music! Go see, go see!... full review
TYLER HAYES STILWILL certified reviewer June 12, 2024
tagged as: relevant. · ridiculous · daring
Daring is what this show was. Full of wonderful performances: Taylor Swift, The Earth, That weird mortuary guy, Teen Pop Groups, the Reverend from the Universal life church. Full of uplifting and non-aggressive audience participation. Singing, dance, ritual with a powerful point. ... full review
BYRON COOLIE certified reviewer June 12, 2024
This is a very charming show! Very entertaining and educational. If you love musicals or simply great theatre, I definitely recommend this show! It’s a blast! ... full review
HILLARY SIMONE certified reviewer June 10, 2024
tagged as: funny · thoughtful · environmentalism
is that this was a really clever way to make people laugh as it made people consider. i was genuinely impressed and happy to support local theatre~~ ... full review
SIDNEY EDWARDS certified reviewer June 07, 2024
This show was original and chuckle worthy :) Be prepared to participate!... full review