Comedy · abel horwitz · Ages 16+ · 45 mins · United States of America

Content Warning one person show
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RAHVAUNIA JOHNSON certified reviewer June 08, 2024
A raw, high energy, witty, and engaging show… that has a very real, vulnerable , and touching moment. One that reaches in and grabs you by the heart. Get salty baby! ... full review
JEAN FRANZBLAU certified reviewer June 07, 2024
A wild ride. Totally thought provoking. ... full review
KEN WERTHER certified reviewer June 24, 2024
tagged as: reality. · frightening · funny
Smart, humorous, and then disturbing.... full review
MACY PITT certified reviewer June 24, 2024
Electric/ Entertaining? Touching/ Whimsical and Thought Provoking were some of the words that come to mind as i sat watching Kosher Salt. Abel Horvitz has touched upon a very topical subject especially right now, by creating this fantastic show that is both personal universal and expoloding with high energy given bu Abel's artistic sense.... full review
DAWN BRANCH certified reviewer June 24, 2024
I wasn't sure what to expect and it was a fabulous, moving surprise. Very real and important topics are discussed with humor, compassion and openness. See this show! ... full review
BRETT MOORE certified reviewer June 22, 2024
Utter brilliance. Over-the-top comedy with a brilliant purpose—ridiculing terrible and weird stereotypes—with moments that give way to the seriousness and sadness that comes with the general ostracization parts of our world practice towards Jews. Abel gives a brilliant performance ranging all over the emotional spectrum, and takes you for a ride through Jewish culture and the awful stereotypes they encounter, and brings you inside the culture, both wonderful and sad. An utterly brilliant piece!... full review
HEATHER FINK certified reviewer June 22, 2024
Abel Horowitz’ Kosher Salt bravely rises to the much needed occasion, answering the broken heart of the Jewish community. We may not be able to heal with any one show, but this is absolutely what it takes to get better.... full review
PAUL ALI certified reviewer June 17, 2024
Kosher Salt was edgy, frenetic, silly, funny, and ultimately a very serious reflection upon antisemitism, both past and present, in our country. The unexpected costume changes lent a surprising element to the show that got me wondering, ‘What’s next?” Able Horwitz is a performer without boundaries.... full review
MARIA GNOZA certified reviewer June 12, 2024
Super engaging, high energy show!!! One where the audience is invited to join in a beautiful way.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2024
tagged as: variety · clown show · Comedy
The most engaging 45 minutes I've spent in a long time.... full review