Solo Show · ground hero film · Ages 15+ · 45 mins · United States of America

one person show

After inheriting a crumbling castle, a German expat returns home for what she thinks is a much needed break from the LA grind. Glad to revert to a familiar cadence, alone with her thoughts, the saying “If these walls could talk” seems to be coming true, as both her own history, and seemly that of those before her, appears to materialize before her. But if you’re on a vision quest, are there supposed to be actual visions? Is she losing her mind, or about to find redemption?  

CASTLE WALLS is the premier solo show from Diana Cignoni, an exciting and introspective experimental endeavor, an edgy work-in-progress inspired by her experiences as a working actor and award-winning film director, as she turns her quirky and jaded lens on her own stranger-in-a-strange-land adventures.

Diana Cignoni is a German-American Film Director, Screen Writer and Actor. She worked on 600 shows of The Price is Right in Germany, before immigrating to America. Having been taught by Charlie Laughton (mentor to Al Pacino,) Mark Rydell and Martin Landau at The Actor’s Studio, Diana developed a unique voice. Diana won multiple awards as an actor and member of the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble under the direction of Ron Sossi. Cignoni was a Nominee for the 2019 Stage Raw Theatre Awards for Best Leading Performance in Faith Healer at the Odyssey Theatre, and was recently elected to the board of the Odyssey for the purpose of further enhancing the ensemble with her many artistic talents. Diana is also the author &/or director of 16 films, as well as multiple music videos, that have screened and been awarded scores of accolades at film festivals across the globe. She’s also appeared in numerous TV shows, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In her films, Diana takes an approach that is both participatory and voyeuristic, striving to strip away artifice, reaching for true and authentic iconic moments of beauty and the surreal quality of random existence. In CASTLE WALLS she aims to do the same, exploring inspiration, the inner voice, and the innate qualities that make human intuition so powerful in this, her first solo stage show.

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