Only Weirdos in the Building

Comedy · chuck a sickie · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

ONLY WEIRDOS IN THE BUILDING is a live sketch comedy show set in the North Hollywood Bohemian Living or “NoHoBoHo” apartment complex. This show is chock-full of a wild assortment of neighbors, truly just trying to get through the day. Peek into the living room of the obsessive dog lady upstairs. Witness those who utilize the under-utilized gym. Be there for drinks at the ground floor dive bar and satiate your curiosity about the tenants of the NoHoBoHo apartments. You never really know your neighbors until you see behind closed doors. Created and performed by 6 Yanks and an Aussie who met – as the best improvisers do – in LA at the Groundlings Theater. That’s right, we improvise, too. This show is a do-not-miss comedy made for all adults- and all who pretend to be- that live in the world of weirdos.

Production Team

anna dooney 


kristelle zibara 

actor/writer/social media director

emma bird 


tc de witt 


chase hofer 


* Fringe Veteran