ne-FAIRY-ous: The best revenge is a happy ending

when susan calls · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show

This is a multimedia, musical, and solo show about a changeling named Mage Lynn. Mage Lynn the Changeling. She was an imaginative child with an extraordinary imagination. After being abused and outcast, she is left alone with no friends, no talents, and no control over her emotions, or bodily secretions (sweat & tears). Desperate to find joy and acceptance, Mage Lynn embarks on an absurd quest through movie musicals, game shows, and even cartoons to find her happy ending.


Though the play is a fairy tale, it soon becomes clear that we are in the imagination of a little girl, who is actively using fantasy to survive the harsh realities of the world and deal with her real-life trauma


Clap if you believe in fairies and live theatre! Let your heart take wing. Don’t selkie around the house, fly to the theatre for your happily ever after!


Audience Reviews:

“An unforgettable solo act that unfolds into a full spectrum of emotions.”
“This one-person show resonates with authenticity.”
“An enchanting emotional rollercoaster.”

Production Team

susan sassi *


kristina adelmeyer *

assistant director/producer

bailee desrocher  *

graphic designer

* Fringe Veteran