Comedy · rachel troy · Ages 18+ · 50 mins · United States of America

includes nudity one person show

Hollywood Fringe Artist Fund Recipient!

This show will resonate with you if: You were once a baby, still believe you are a baby, have a baby inside of you right now screaming, have ever been or desire to be in a romantic relationship, have ever been or desire to be in therapy, have parents, have a desire to be a parent, have a complicated relationship with your mother, have a complicated relationship with your lover, have an interest in attachment theory, have zero interest or understanding of attachment theory. 

Rachel Troy will take you on an absurd psychological odyssey with fun comedic and theatrical surprises at every turn and fun audience engagement. This show is about our natural human tendency to blend relationships, turning our partners into parents as we regress into full “baby-mode.” Though Rachel is a clown, she also uses her identity as a therapist (for real, she’s a therapist!) to explore her role as “fake mother” helping adults heal their wounded inner child. 

This show is all at once stupid but complex, funny but tragic, poetic but deranged… 

Playing at The Broadwater Studio 6/8 @3pm 6/15 @11am 6/21 @6pm 6/23 @12:30pm 6/27 @6:30pm 6/29 @11am 6/30 @2pm

Content Warning: presentation of toxic relationship behaviors, brief nudity, generational trauma, and mention of The Holocaust. 

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* Fringe Veteran