Modern Butchood

Solo Show · molly gloeckner · Ages 16+ · 1hr · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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ANTHONY GOMEZ certified reviewer July 02, 2024
This show was a beautifully told story. The timing was impeccable and the lines were cleverly written. Molly’s impeccable dance moves mixed with the sounds provided by Sophiemarie.b were a match made in heaven. Everyone who helped bring this project to life deserves a gold star. ... full review
MELANIE CRUZ certified reviewer July 01, 2024
tagged as: well written · insightful · funny
Molly has an easy presence that is enjoyable to watch and has crafted a well written and enjoyable show. I felt I gained insight into both the character's personal life as well as insight into this particular subsection of lesbian culture.... full review
SOPHIE BRAUNSTEIN certified reviewer July 02, 2024
So funny, so captivating, great storyline. The detail in the writing really made a difference, and Molly’s ability to turn that stage into a whole new world was amazing. ... full review
SAMANTHA SILVIA certified reviewer July 02, 2024
tagged as: queer · one woman show · drama · Comedy
Modern Butchood blew me away. Molly did not miss a single beat; the whole show was seamless and kept me on my toes. There was a super unexpected plot twist that had everyone in the theater actually gasp out loud. In an hour-long show performed by one person, Molly still had us feeling a range of emotions. Modern Butchood was funny, interesting, and heartwarming all at the same time.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 29, 2024
A hilarious & heartwarming performance. Clever and true to life.... full review
BRANDT GOODMAN certified reviewer June 28, 2024
Modern Butchood is an incredible and entertaining show that provides a refreshing and authentic lens into the LGBTQ+ world. Molly’s storytelling is both compelling and insightful, breaking away from the clichés that often dominate media portrayals. The show skillfully captures the nuances and experiences of its character, offering a genuine representation that is both enlightening and engaging. A must-watch for anyone looking to broaden their understanding and appreciation of diverse stories in the LGBTQ+ community.... full review
BRETTE O’BRIEN certified reviewer June 24, 2024
Modern Butchood is an exploration of the good, bad, and messiness of queer life. Molly Gloeckner is a witty, captivating force on the stage, keeping the conversation between audience and performer alive for 45 minutes straight (pun intended).... full review
LASER WEBBER certified reviewer June 24, 2024
Modern Butchood is here to show us that the queer community is not united, not all full of good people. An interesting examination of a person who "loses" her beloved "gold star lesbian" status by hooking up with a transfemme. It's a problematic tale examined in a very provocative way. Hard to tell if the protagonist is a stand-up comedian "just saying" or if we should be exploring the moments beneath their insecurity and hate. ... full review
MICKENZIE LAYSON certified reviewer June 22, 2024
Molly has created an incredibly well structured, insightful story that illustrates the never ending battle we all face in learning about our own identity, asking ourselves want we truly want in life, and how to align our outer identity with what we are learning about ourselves on the inside. ... full review
MATTEO WENTARMINI certified reviewer June 20, 2024
Modern Butchood exceeded my already high expectations. Molly's one woman show is fresh, meaningful, bold, explosive, hilarious. She is a force to be reckoned with and a master of her craft. I could have watched two more hours of this easily. GO SEE IT!... full review