Lessons from Children's Books

Comedy · phillip reilly · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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HARLEY WALKER certified reviewer June 20, 2024
Green flags everywhere to go see this show!!! Phil mixes comedy and personal stories while taking us on a journey as to why the children’s books we grew up with might need some re-evaluating. Loved this fun interactive hour! ... full review
GREGORY CRAFTS certified reviewer June 19, 2024
This show is a BIG GREEN FLAG. GO SEE IT.... full review
PARKER MILLS certified reviewer June 17, 2024
LOVED the show! … It was funny and touching and absolutely relatable… and his vulnerability in the telling of his stories was beautiful to watch… ... full review
MANDY RUBELI certified reviewer June 17, 2024
Philip has such a fantastic and unique stage presence. He is SUCH a delight to watch, and you root for him the second he walks on that stage. He is funny and relatable and everything a great performer should be. I would come to this show again and again and again if I could. ... full review
KAREN HALL certified reviewer June 16, 2024
tagged as: thoughtful · solo show · Comedy
A fully formed show with laughs and a thoughtful message. Phillip is honest and likeable. ... full review
DOROTHY MARIE certified reviewer June 16, 2024
tagged as: fun · coming of age · queer · comedic
Philip is such a rare type of performer- engaging, vulnerable, and hilarious all at the same time. "Lessons From Children's Books" was a delightful peek at the source of his creativity, in which he balanced comedy with heartfelt life lessons. I laughed the entire show, and left feeling incredibly inspired. Can't wait to go again next week!... full review
RUBY MAREZ certified reviewer June 15, 2024
This show is clever, smart, vulnerable and entertaining! I dug it! I loved how Phil re-examined the morality and character behind each childrens’ story book and offered a reframe. ... full review
JOSH HILLINGER certified reviewer June 15, 2024
tagged as: sweet · moving · artistic · alternative · Storytelling · funny · CUTE
Super fun take on children’s books we all know and love, with fun audience interaction and activities and a sweet emotional arc along the way.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 10, 2024
Fantastic show with tons of laughs and "lessons."... full review
MADDIE FORREST certified reviewer June 10, 2024
I KNEW something strange was up with all those children’s books I read from childhood but I didn’t quite know how to explain it fully till Phil laid it out for me in this beautiful heartfelt ted-talk-gone-wrong. This show allowed and invited us to be angry at being led astray by the books we were told to trust as children. Phil’s personal stories throughout the show were really successful and engaging grounding moments, reminding me of the deeper truths and impact these stories have on us through the confusing and embarrassing process of growing up. The first book I ever read when I was young was The Giving Tree and I definitely internalized its message of giving without expecting equality back and it was nice to feel validated by this s... full review