My Little Phobia

Comedy · emily markoe · Ages 16+ · 50 mins · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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ZAY WARFIELD certified reviewer June 09, 2024
A slick, neurotic frenzy that is tightly wound and hilariously unhinged. Emily Markoe has a laser-focused yet frantic, delicious energy that cuts like a knife and leaves you laughing til you [don’t] puke. A must see. ... full review
NINA LOCKE certified reviewer June 08, 2024
Emily is a powerhouse performer who deftly dances between raw honesty and riotous comedy. Dive into the mind of this performer and follow her journey of self-discovery. A must see, joyous experience!... full review
ROYCE SHOCKLEY certified reviewer June 08, 2024
tagged as: well written · Great Acting · solo · funny
The show was full of whimsy, laughs, and great acting. The show was well-written and performed. Emily was a captivating actress for the entire show and it's full of laughs as she takes you on a journey.... full review
EMILY BOLKA certified reviewer June 22, 2024
tagged as: captivating · absurd · funny
Emily is hilarious and captivating in this aesthetically adorable, and cognitively rich solo show. It’s cute, clever, deep, and intriguing. The production design is beyond delightful. Every single piece of pink and purple, however relevant or absurd they might be. Markoe invites the audience into a captivating mash-up of play time & time capsule, as she journeys through the memories preserved in her reimagining of her childhood bedroom complete with conversations with her equestrian action figure therapist. She’s wonderfully expressive and charismatic as she vacillates through the many vignettes that compose the show. Great sound design and costuming as well. It’s everything from silly to serious. Wholly intriguing, with a sprinkle of existe... full review
PHILLIP REILLY certified reviewer June 24, 2024
tagged as: vulnerable · Comedy · phobia
A smart way of being inside the mind of Emily. Each sketch was cleverly done with tons of laughs and a cool perspective on this crazy phobia. A great physical comedy with such smart writing. Deeply vulnerable and personal which anyone can relate to. A truly unique theater experience! It will leave you also fearing the idea of vomiting! ... full review
SOPH FUCHS certified reviewer June 22, 2024
tagged as: genius · witty · hilarious · heartfelt · Humanizing
As a fellow phobia-haver, I was bowled over by this show. Emily’s going to have you in tears laughing before choking you up with one of the funniest and realest portrayals of how a phobia affects you I’ve ever seen. This show will devastate your abs with roiling chuckles before shattering every misperception you’ve had about phobias.... full review
SAM LABRECQUE certified reviewer June 22, 2024
tagged as: real · funny · surreal · characters · existential
I LOVED this show! Eccentric humor, surreal settings, and deeply personal and vulnerable. Unexpected and totally up my alley. Emily is so funny and such a smart writer. I appreciated her portrayal of OCD, and felt the show was extremely relatable. I was totally engaged for the entire 50 minutes (which can sometimes be tricky for us neurodivergents ;), and I couldn't wait to see what was next!... full review
RACHEL TROY certified reviewer June 21, 2024
Funny, sharp, absurd, fast-paced and personal, Emily delivers a magnificent and nuanced portrayal of OCD. ... full review
PARKER MILLS certified reviewer June 21, 2024
I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this show! Emily has a real gift when it comes to storytelling! She let us in, and was absolutely fearless and funny in talking about things that in other hands could be overly dark or “dramatic”, everyone in the audience had such a smile on their face- I felt I walked out of there knowing who Emily is at her core... full review
JON SCHNITZER certified reviewer June 20, 2024
tagged as: funny · solo · Comedy · existential
Don't miss this show! It's hilarious, existential, personal, and a real theatrical experience.... full review