Drama · red string productions · Ages 13+ · 1hr · United States of America

world premiere

🐌 How far would you go to find what you’ve lost? 🐌 

After his town is deleted off the map with no explanation, Finn decides to march up to God and ask what happened. When, to his surprise, God responds, Finn sets off on a quest to find out the truth about his town, his world, and the nature of God. AMEN is a one-act semi-absurdist dramedy for lovers of Samuel Beckett, The Little Prince, Undertale, and tasteful anarchy.

🐌  C’mon, it’s never personal with God… 🐌

In a world where people feel increasingly disconnected from community and the seemingly meaningless events that shape our lives, we ask you to question the way that things have been, and consider how we can take control back over our own narratives. Who decides the way that things are, or how we think? If they were relevant once, are they relevant now? Or have times changed without those in power adapting to them?

✨Come join us in a world absurd and fantastical! And get excited because maybe when you leave, your world will be absurd and fantastical too.




Tues, June 11 – 10:30pm (Preview)

Sat, June 15 – 9pm

Sun, June 16 – 6:30pm

Sat, June 22- 12:30pm

Sun, June 23 – 6pm

Production Team

stephanie wolf *

actress (god)

liv glassman *

actress (briar)

javon willis *

actor (surveyor)

adrian gamez *

actor (god)

rosemary idisi *

actress (foxglove)

marisa ray *

writer / producer

rachael maye aronoff *

director / producer

tiago santos *

actor (finn) / coproducer

* Fringe Veteran