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WJ CARREL certified reviewer June 15, 2024
Brave, Engaging Exploration of How Long-Term Illness Affects Family Caregivers Heather Fink is a comedienne/filmmaker and more. Her well-paced performance will (with backdrop slide show of photos) entertain you with a poignant yet sometimes amusing memoir of how family illness and ultimately death affect the life trajectory of all involved. The material is fresh and raw as her father passed away exactly a year ago, at the same time she celebrates her birthday. A fine audience experience and a demonstration of everyday love and remembrance. ... full review
HENRY CARLSON certified reviewer June 09, 2024
Quicksand is an emotionally mature solo-show that respectfully, lovingly, and even humorously addresses several subjects which are unfortunately taboo in today's society: caring for ailing loved ones, the personal and career sacrifices that one makes to provide that care, and the shame of feeling like you didn't live up to your own career expectations. Heather Fink approaches these subjects through the lens of her own experience helping her mother care for her father after his stroke, balancing care giving against her own career as sound crew on films and TV, and then weighing her own career accomplishments against those belonging to people who came up with her. Heather's show deftly invites the audience to consider what it means to love, to... full review
MYRON KAPLAN certified reviewer June 29, 2024
It takes strength of character to convey material this challenging with rich heart and humor. You can feel the mission Heather is on to convey important things about her journey with her family. Americans are not taught about death, or supported well through disabilities (unless they’ve got money). The work she’s doing can go a long way in helping a lot of people feel less alone.... full review
VALERIE LACY certified reviewer June 29, 2024
I truly enjoyed Quicksand by My overall impression of Quicksand and Heather's performance was engaging, entertaining, powerful and outstanding!!!!... full review
HOPE LEVY certified reviewer June 28, 2024
A heartfelt engaging and yes at times humorous and uplifting journey of the entire process of watching a beloved parent be the victim of a stroke... This is an important show for us ALL to see.... full review
ABEL HORWITZ certified reviewer June 28, 2024
QUICKSAND is a beautiful show. Heather's attitude and energy was wonderful. Her topic is heavy, but she presents it with lightness. Death is the one thing we will ALL experience, and it's the one thing we don't want to discuss. I found this show beautiful and profoundly moving. AND I learned what to do if I see someone having a stroke. Amazing!... full review
SUNITA PARAM certified reviewer June 28, 2024
Heather gives a beautiful, vulnerable performance about mid-life crises and the grief associated with it, simultaneously dealing with the grief that comes with caregiving a loved one and ultimately losing that loved one. I was able to relate these stories on many levels. ... full review
BEOWULF JONES certified reviewer June 28, 2024
Quicksand is wonderful. I loved it so much. Perfect from the first note. Heather Fink does an incredible job of conveying the heaviness of serious subjects/stakes while still making the story palatable for the audience, which couldn't have been easy. She toed the line expertly. The show is very funny, and Fink's conversational style is winning to the audience. Based around her father's paralyzing stroke and her subsequent role as a caregiver, I appreciate she took the time to give the audience a good sense of who her dad was prior to the stroke. I also appreciate that in addition to what she was going through, she checks in with what her mom was going through, which is equally compelling. The structure is very effective in break... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 27, 2024
Ms. Fink draws from her life experiences, creating a one-woman-show which urges the audience to challenge norms in life & "the business," & talk about the journey of illness & death.... full review
SHAWN BROGAN DIDDY certified reviewer June 27, 2024
This show was great! Heather kept us entertained but also kept it real as she addressed grief and loss and the realities of caregiving. She also shared parallel stories of being an adult daughter of someone who has suffered a stroke while also being a professional woman working to build a career. There was a lot in this show so many of us can resonate with in various ways. ... full review