bryce wagoner · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · United States

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MICHAEL BROWN uncertified reviewer June 17, 2012
Excellent, well-balanced doc. Good choices of different situations, including follow-up. Unfortunately (for reasons explained in the Q&A) filmmaker was unable to include any gay porn starts. Also entertaining - hoorah! ... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 14, 2012
Regardless of how you feel about pornography, the actors in this business are real people, with the same struggles, addictions and problems that everyone else has. This movie did an awesome job of exploring them, their triumphs, their setbacks and their attempts to leave the business and carry on a "normal" life. Seka, Houston, John Leslie, Randy West, Mary Carey were once made famous by porn but left the business - some on their own terms and some by necessity. Filmmaker Bryce Wagoner spent three years interviewing and editing this film, and the result is a compelling look at this controversial subject. The film was featured as the only performance of the Fringe's Opening Night festivities, and proved to be well worth the effort. ... full review