The Ramón Show & Friends: Collective Healing

ruby roo productions · Ages 7+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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Review by JILL YOUNG

June 20, 2023 certified reviewer
tagged as: funny · fun · clown · play · healing · drag

What I liked

Ramon has a fun, hilarious, and loving energy that instantly fills the room. This felt less like watching a show, and more like finding community. It was fun and silly, we did the wave, and I left the show with one more mustache than I entered with, so I consider this a grand success!

What I didn't like


My overall impression

This show lives up to its name— collective healing. With the character of Ramon, Ruby embodies gentle masculinity— a goofy, groovy, kindness that immediately feels safe. Ramon invites you to put down your walls and remember what it means to simply play. He speaks to the social and scientific benefits of play, and even introduces somatic exercises. As someone that lives with anxiety and other mental health disorders, I found these exercises to be surprisingly helpful, and even brought them into my life outside of the show. The performance I saw featured a drag king and ended with an interactive drag fashion show. It was silly, fun, healing, and it felt like a giant slumber party in the best way.

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