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By Alan Jozwiak
Posted On June 12, 2023

Teruko Nakajima has a life story to tell–starting with her dysfunctional homelife and abusive childhood in Tokyo, Japan, continuing through her experiences as a professional dancer and sex worker in New York City, and ending with her breakdown and rebirth in Los Angeles. Nakajima is a vibrant performer who invites her audience to this amazing story in a tell-all solo performance. I cannot give away too much about the show for fear of spoilers. What stands out in her performance is her absolute conviction of telling her own truth without self-judgement or fear of audience condemnation.

She is a brave spirit who comes to terms with her past and hopes her audience can learn from her experiences. In short, Nakajima is a must-see performer whose energy and infectious spirit of being in the now is worth the price of admission. She also owns an amazing support animal, her dog Titi, who is the most chill theatre dog I have ever had the experience to come across (as well as the cutest). I had a chance to talk to her the day after the show and she was as delightful in person as she is on stage. You must see this production.

Advisory Note: Made in Amecia discusses at length family dysfunction, sexual assault, and being a sex worker. She is highly explicit in its discussion of these topics, so audience members need to be aware of this fact to avoid being triggered.