Grief: A One Man ShitShow

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“You need to go see Colin Campbell’s “Grief: A One Man ShitShow.” When you hear about the show, you’ll probably resist going and that has to do with fear. Fear of solo shows and fear of loss. Trust me you don’t need to scared of this solo show"

“Colin is using theatre as a guide not for his soul but for ours. He is going to share with us the journey that he’s been on the last three years, not to have us indulge in his pain but rather to share with us a journey we will all make.”

“It’s a difficult journey but it is never selfish and never exploitative. You will leave this show moved by Colin’s generosity and love and devastated that two incredible children died too soon and too tragically. You will be glad you went and as difficult is the journey is, you’ll feel better and your soul a bit bigger for having experienced it.”