susannah rodriguez drissi · September 13, 2017
With extraordinary emotional and physical elegance, I WANNA BE ROBERT DE NIRO welcomes the layers of obsession, possession, joy, and loss that are both embodied and unmasked during the act of translation. What emerges is the central paradox that every translator--every good translator--must face: how not to steal what must--if you're to be successful--ultimately belong to you. It is obvious to me that Magdalena Emar knows that the translator's enormous capacity to love the work at hand is both he... full review


adam briggs · September 12, 2017
A great dysfunctional family holiday comedy! Top-notch cast/acting/directing/story! Wouldn’t change a thing.... full review


d calmante · September 04, 2017
A delightful avant-garde play, a union of seemingly disparate elements rejoined to completion on the spiritual highway of emotional and interpretative symbolism. Clarice, Virginia, Magdalena - 3 women - the Writer, the Lover, the Translator - like tarot cards presented and “read” within the theatrical setting of an intimate stage. A must see! ... full review


talar chahinian · September 01, 2017
This play was a beautiful exploration into the mind of a translator traveling across space and time, across memory and language.... full review


kelly tucker · August 29, 2017
Lynda is a natural talent. The show is a remarkable display of the human spirit and it's triumphs, disappointments and truths.... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

anouar smaine · August 27, 2017
This is a great show with so many nuances not only about Arab Women, but also about the human condition today. Ms Wahbe has a great ensemble cast that performs beautifully as a group to express very complex ideas and concepts. A big Bravo to all!... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

nadine elkhoury · August 27, 2017
Powerful personal journey of a Middle Eastern woman that's very relatable. Well told with good character and story build up. I found it to be a very creative way to tell a very personal story. What's on the surface is never the whole story. I love how this play digs and reaches deep emotions and needs that we, as women, sometimes learn to bury. I was touched and inspired, and that's good enough for me. ... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

dania alkhouli · August 27, 2017
If I could summarize this play in one word it would be invigorating because it encompasses this immense energy of inspiration that leaves me with a powerful drive to embrace my womanhood with pride in all that I do. From the moment I saw the play, I noticed a drastic boost in my confidence and talent as a writer and poet. As an Arab American woman myself, it was the reminder I needed to break through the final glass ceiling I kept ignoring. For years I was satisfied with my rebellion thus far, fe... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

hamzah saman · August 27, 2017
I saw the confession of an Arab woman 2 time... I absolutely love it simply because it's real characters are very well connected to the wall with the wall directed only gets better every time I see you I want to put out a review to show my love and appreciate to the work the cast and crew putting in this masterpiece. The lead actress is absolutely amazing I couldn't stop watching her she was in the character from the beginning and the end of the actresses and actors are so good it's like wat... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

jeff lebeau · August 26, 2017
I loved it! There's a tremendous spirit running thru this show, celebrating women, and womanhood..And specifically, what that means, in the mideast..As a man, i found it revelatory and humbling on many levels.. as I may often think I understand a woman's plight.. but then I get educated again... I found much of this show illuminating..taking me past stereo typical broad strokes of a middle eastern woman's experience and into the nuances and details, and evolution of it. It inspired me to want to ... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

hala alsalman · August 26, 2017
An important play with a really fresh approach to the theme of women and freedom of expression. I didn't feel the 75 minutes go by at all!... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

kim delmonico · August 26, 2017
Make sure you see this show!... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

gustavo moreno · August 26, 2017
Awesome show. Loved everyone's performance specially Tiffany's. She looked so beautiful 😍... full review

Confessions of an Arab Woman

rima haddad · August 24, 2017
A really nice play , with a unique identity to it. The play is about a Lebanese woman, but also about all women , who are refusing to accept the norms all over the world As a Lebanese myself , who also lived couple wars, the play touched me and I found myself crying towards the end but I try to be objective here. The director Nagham is really talented and did a great job with her vision , she brought together diverse talented actresses and actors from different backgrounds, would recommend ... full review


lena tumasyan · August 21, 2017
AMAZING show. I loved the stories, all the stories, even the stories within the stores. The acting, accent, color, costume, all very good!... full review

PSYCHOSICAL: an asylum cabaret

lena tumasyan · August 16, 2017
Loved the show! GREAT musical selection, wonderful singing voices, very talented bunch.... full review

Blamed: An Established Fiction

lena tumasyan · August 16, 2017
GREAT show, loved the ending. ... full review


patty sherman · August 04, 2017
I was blown away!... full review


anonymous · August 01, 2017
The show was overall a great hit. While being playful and comedic, Paul does an excellent job hitting true social obstacles Asian Americans face in America. Not specifically to Asian Americans who aspire to be actors but all Asian Americans can relate to these social discriminations. His witty humor and charisma reveals the discrimination of Asian Americans today using examples from current films and actors. Paul Yen is bold to present these hard hitting issues to his audience and I commend him f... full review

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