Hollywood Diary

charles ziarko · June 28, 2017
No surprises here! Careless culling of long-ago scandal now officially Old News, senselessly set in 1964 (when Hedda H was actually 78, months from death, and Mary Astor was 2 decades younger), but played by two perky youngsters in glamorous couture clothes. Utterly immobile insult slugfest: two women walk in, sit down, and sling insults for exactly an hour. Simple smart set and costumes can't carry it that long. Genevieve Joy (ala Kristin Chenoweth) might make a zingy Zza Zza but overacts bro... full review


charles ziarko · June 28, 2017
A Hetero couple, married to others but meeting periodically, spoofs social trends as years pass and they mature. SAME TIME NEXT YEAR was a career peak for Ellen Burstyn 40 years ago (!), so why shouldn't the same framework be appropriated for a Gay version? Now it has been, by a trio of showbiz pros! It doesn't fit a Gay couple quite as smoothly, because there's a lot more at stake for them (including a brush with life-or-death AIDS), and a decade between meetings seems too artificial. The firs... full review

Chemo Barbie: My Lady Bits' Journey Through Breast Cancer.

ann ryerson · June 28, 2017
It was courageous and infused with joyous energy.... full review

Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous

ernest kearney · June 28, 2017
A PLATINUM MEDAL Diminutive in all but talent, Alfie Ordinary is a sequined toe-head who is more engaging than a litter of new born baby kittens. In Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous, Alfie explains to the audience he is the son of a drag queen, which he surmises makes him a “drag prince”, and then proceeds to entertain with song, wit and more than a little wisdom. We hear the story of his time spent at Madame LeCoq’s Preparatory School For Fabulous Boys, a rather flamboyant version of Tom B... full review

The Red Guitar

ernest kearney · June 28, 2017
A BRONZE MEDAL “I’m used to no crowds, I’m a jazz musician,” quips Bruce Forman to a half filled house at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre, not an unappreciable crowd for a Monday night Fringe event. Forman then proceeds to entertain those gathered in an evening entitled The Red Guitar with a narrative revolving around the jazz greats he has met, been mentored by or merely felt in awe of: Barney Kessel master of the chord center tunes on the guitar, the versatile bass man Ray Brown and Sonny... full review

The Magic School Bus: A Traumedy

jon jacobs · June 27, 2017
Bonnie's show was a truthful journey through her trauma as a young girl. My favorite moments in solo theatre are when the performer lowers their mask and becomes completely vulnerable. Bonnie did this several times throughout her show and you're truly in the presence of her pain. All the while, Bonnie takes the audience on a whimsical and playful journey through her body, which was a truly creative and clever way to navigate the "traumedy." The ending (which I won't give away!) was touchin... full review

Insuppressible: The Unauthorized Leah Remini Story

amy jennings · June 27, 2017
Fun show, now I really need to see the documentary!... full review

WMMFest 2017

amy jennings · June 27, 2017
Amazing show, super funny and all shorts were very well done.... full review

MexiStani! Growing Up Mexican & Pakistani in America

erica williams · June 27, 2017
Amazingly great. I wanted more and am now not so patiently waiting for the sequel where she tells about how she and her loved ones dealt with sudden fame and adulation! Kidding we know she'll stay as down to earth as ever!... full review


patrick chavis · June 27, 2017
8 out of 10 - A GOOD SHOW!!! Click on the link below for more info. http://latheatrebites.com/hollywood-fringe-2017-under-the-jello-mold-the-complex-theatre-in-hollywood-review/... full review

Trixie: The Musical

lyndsey wegner · June 27, 2017
What a great show that shows the depths of mental illness and brings a twist you never see coming all while bringing some fun music and great acting!... full review


rob stevens · June 27, 2017
It’s a simple plot and the actors do a fine job fleshing out the thinly written characters. Their charm and gusto make the time fly past swiftly.... full review

Jon Armstrong: Comic Amazement

rob stevens · June 27, 2017
I only managed to catch one (magic) show and that was on the final day and I sure am glad I did. It turned out to be a very welcome change of pace. Jon Armstrong: Comic Amazement was a fun-filled hour of legerdemain and humor.... full review

I'm Too Fat for This Show

anonymous · June 27, 2017
This is one of the best pieces of theater I have ever seen. Kate's writing is so smart- she brilliantly introduces and explains the emotional, physical and lifestyle toll these disorders take to those who have no concept on the subject matter and relates so profoundly to those who know the concepts very well. This show needs to be seen by everyone, no matter your sex, age, or career. ... full review


rob stevens · June 27, 2017
Would work better as just straight out political satire without the lackluster songs and weak singing voices.... full review

A Harmony Boys Christmas

rob stevens · June 27, 2017
Really bad idea from start to finish. Terrible toilet humor relentlessly pounded into the ground. ... full review

The David Mayes Show

bob leggett · June 27, 2017
Much to our chagrin, it was pretty good. See our full review at Indie Voice Blog.... full review

Why We Become Witches

bob leggett · June 27, 2017
A good story well told by an amazing actress. See our full review at Indie Voice Blog.... full review

I'm Too Fat for This Show

bob leggett · June 27, 2017
A story worth telling told by a wonderful actress. See our full review at Indie Voice Blog.... full review

Power House

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