anonymous · June 21, 2018
This is a fun, funny, witty, nerdy and sweet musical! ... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

laura grimaldi · June 21, 2018
A much needed story to be told of how racism isn't innate...it is learned. The struggles of being "different" and not even knowing it and having to defend what is completely out of our control not to mention something we should all be proud of....which is our differences and uniqueness among each other. If only we could all keep the innocence of our younger selves where we only saw each other as our fellow playmates. Beautifully told. ... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

bob attiyeh · June 21, 2018
Cooper Bates combines writing and acting skill with an engaging personal narrative that encompasses growing up in the 60s, race relations, adolescence, small-town America and a great deal of humor. Bates doesn't skirt the big issues and his performance is direct and effective. Superb. See this show while it is still playing. ... full review

Still Life of an Orange and Other Puppet Parables

anonymous · June 21, 2018
Playful creative and absorbing. A collection of stories using puppets and live action and video. The performer creates puppets out of paper and plastic bags while you watch. At times funny, at times meditative, at times political.... full review


laura grimaldi · June 21, 2018
Funny, honest, heartfelt and raw. Kat has such energy on stage and definitely gets us on the journey.... full review

The Midnight Menagerie

jim keller · June 21, 2018
Entertained from soup to nuts! Starting with some wine in the lobby was a nice touch. The cast played well with each other. This was my first fringe show, and I’m so glad I came. ... full review


anonymous · June 21, 2018
Yarn was awesome. This company never fails to impress with their imagination, execution and commitment to the craft of physical theatre.... full review

Skin Jobs

kerry kazmierowicztrimm · June 21, 2018
Strong, character-driven dialogue tells a story full of hot-button topics in a way that never feels preachy or like an essay.... full review

The Importance of Being Oscar

jim martyka · June 21, 2018
If you like biopics, this is a great one to check out! Very fine acting, directing and writing that brings back one of the literary world's most intriguing personalities and the scandal the defined the latter part of his life. Full of insight and heart, the show is a fascinating look at the effects of our obsessions.... full review

The Women of Lockerbie by Deborah Brevoort

terri lujan · June 21, 2018
A well written play and well directed. Lighting and said accommodated the space and allowed actors to hold attention versus set design. The acting was professional and engaging especially the character Olive and Hattie. Emotionally driven.... full review

The Craftlesque

lori glasgow · June 21, 2018
This show was fabulous! I was laughing so hard and loving the songs and the talent!!... full review

Witchy: Wisdom Beyond Illusion

s. krystal mccauley · June 21, 2018
This was an honest show about one woman's journey through life, taking her from black and white religious beliefs, to much more expansive spectrum. She bears her soul in telling tales from her own childhood, her experiences parenting, and other things along the way. Adding to the show, Janus can sing! She infuses powerful moments in her monologue with song. The show was powerful and enjoyable.... full review

Still Life of an Orange and Other Puppet Parables

cooper bates · June 21, 2018
STILL LIFE OF AN ORANGE AND OTHER PUPPET PARABLES is a lovely departure from reality and into a world where joy and wonderment met us at every corner. ... full review


sokrates frantzis · June 21, 2018
Loved it! Fun, sexy and a bit naughty. Something I'd never seen before.... full review


brian knudson · June 21, 2018
Amy Waller delivers a strong, self-assured performance of a courageous war bride. The play was especially engaging because Waller the actress was every bit as fearless as the role she played, so I was immersed in the story.... full review

Modern Romance

anonymous · June 21, 2018
I found the show very heartfelt and true to my experience in the dating world. I loved that I was able to connect with the characters and scenerios. The writing is just fantastic and it truly was so hilarious! Loved it!... full review

Trojan Women

lisa k. wyatt · June 21, 2018
This is a thoughtfully and effectively staged and deeply moving production. Olivia Buntaine is a director to watch. The cast delivers solid performances, especially Kay Capasso as Eris. The modern yet classic production and costume design have a timeless feel with a dustbowl palette. I look forward to seeing more from Project Nongenue in the future.... full review

Laertes Loves Hamlet Loves Ophelia

lisa k. wyatt · June 21, 2018
A refreshingly original take on Shakespeare that fully explores the relationships in Hamlet and is its own riveting and raucous piece of theatre. Clever, witty and heartbreaking. Katelyn Schiller is my favorite Hamlet. Strong cast, well matched. Discovering truly unique works like this are what the joy of fringe is all about.... full review

Pain In My Asperger's

rom watson · June 21, 2018
An interesting life story, told with a lot of humor.... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

lou williams · June 21, 2018
Born black in a historic black town, raised good-old-boy in a mostly white town and what do you become? Cooper Bates became a thoughtful, gleeful, funny and deep teller of stories. He conveys both the joy of growing up in a small town with an abundance of friends and activities and the ugly eruptions of racial and family violence that make finding his true self a struggle. Never the list, as the play progresses, we see a unique individual stand up and use a combination of strength, patience, and... full review

Pick of the Fringe 2018!! Last 2 shows!

A 3935 m 714023

The Cosmos is rebooting and only you, a clown and a psychic from 1864 can stop it! An Interactive comedy featuring time-travel, astral projection, string theory and puns guaranteed to elicit a groan in any reality. Save the date, save the Universe!

Santa's Secret

A 4099 m 1526326

PAY WHAT YOU CAN for "a bizarre dark comedy that took turns I didn’t anticipate, filled with a lot of humor and impressive talent by the actor playing Santa." - Anonymous reviewer