Healing: After the Tragedy

maat atkins · June 22, 2018
It was a very poignant story of a young lady and her life after losing her father.... full review

Anxiety Written

anonymous · June 22, 2018
Gripping theatre and just overall great storytelling. Personal, fascinating, poignant, thought provoking. Not only does it cover mental illness and OCD/anxiety, it’s also about growing up and coming to terms with fear and the world as we know it. Also a wonderful arc, you experience the growth and realizations as the character does. Love, love, loved it. ... full review

A Complete Waste of Time

curtis krick · June 22, 2018
Sharp, funny, wryly observed and very entertaining, the show is anything but a complete waste of time. Steve Chang takes risks in life as well as on the stage. His laid back manner belies a courage that led him on a journey from quitting his dead-end, soul-killing job, through a psychedelic vision-quest in a South American jungle, to the overly bright lights of Las Vegas. Well worth taking the journey with him.... full review

A Reasonable Fear of Tubas

victoria elizabeth · June 22, 2018
Stacey is absolutely wonderful! Such a fun, touching, and heartfelt story. ... full review

My Own Private River Phoenix

anonymous · June 22, 2018
An incredible show. Hilarious, emotional, and everything in between! Ai Yoshihara is a master of storytelling. ... full review

Rayn: An Electronic Burlesque Experience

micah cover · June 22, 2018
It’s such a joy to watch a performer who knows so clearly who she is as a person and performer, let alone an ambassador of positivity and self-respect. Miss Rayn is all those things and more. What a beautiful, unforgettable experience. I am lucky to be her fan, and the audience was lucky to experience her one-woman show. ... full review


allen gardner · June 22, 2018
This was a tight, extremely well-executed show that offered up great drama, light comedy, and suspense.... full review

Confessions of a Hopeful Southerner... In Front of Strangers

anonymous · June 22, 2018
Melinda Grace is a tour de force that easily moves from one character to another in this hour long spectacular one-woman show!... full review

The Witnessing

micah cover · June 22, 2018
One of the most creative and convincing immersive theatrical experiences of my life. It did a fine job of making me question everything I believed to be real. Genuinely disturbing. So lucky to see this. ... full review

New York in Chains

anonymous · June 22, 2018
Fun, brilliant, good tunes, good story!... full review

The Day I Became Black

kathryn smith · June 22, 2018
One of the most entertaining solo shows I've seen. Bill found the humor in a sensitive topic (race) without losing it's significance. It was like watching a socially conscious stand up comic.This show has the makings of a great 1hour HBO special. I would watch it again and again and bring people back. ... full review

Anxiety Written

margaret katch · June 22, 2018
This is a beautifully told, vulnerable, powerful, funny, sweet story. I believe there’s something everyone can relate to, and most importantly, makes mental illness seem not as scary or isolating. ... full review


lynn odell · June 22, 2018
Brilliant! Such a clever concept. The whole thing is freaking hilarious from the curtain speech to the final moment before the lights go out. The ensemble is top notch. I'm a huge fan of The Burglars of Hamm.... full review

Lorelei: I'm Coming Out!

margaret starbuck · June 22, 2018
I loved the show, it was simultaneously hilarious, refreshingly honest and heartbreaking! Go see it!!!!... full review

A Complete Waste of Time

vanessa lua · June 22, 2018
The show as funny, interesting and personal.... full review

The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull

marilyn corum · June 22, 2018
This play has potential, but it needs work, particularly of the structure. I was drawn to the play because I wanted to learn more about Victoria Woodhull, but I learned very little.... full review


marilyn corum · June 22, 2018
This play is wonderfully professional and full of humor. Originally, I thought I was going to see a translation of a European play, but as it progressed it I realized it was the product of the brilliant mind of the playwright. I laughed and laughed. It's just a wonderful play. Congratulations Todd Merrill.... full review

God: The Apologies Tour

maddie patrick · June 22, 2018
This show was fantastic in idea and execution! It was a lovely way to discuss religion, spirituality, afterlife, and the Universe. The cast was excellent, especially Erik as God.... full review


anonymous · June 22, 2018
As has already been mentioned, great ability to tell a story without words, amazing capacity to convey three individual and distinct characters through body language, expressions, and movement. ... full review


richard rossner · June 22, 2018
Balls’On is a fun, touching revealing solo show delivered with great honesty, energy and style. Kat explores her life experiences in an entertaining power packed tour de force that had me laughing, crying and recognizing the human comedy we all construct for ourselves. ... full review

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