Assistance League Theatre

presented by Assistance League of LA · 1367 N. St. Andrews Pl., Hollywood, CA 90028

The Assistance League Theatre has stood in the heart of Hollywood since 1938. It is home to the famous Nine O’Clock Players (NOP) who provide the magic of theatre to children in low income or disabled situations and are local to Los Angeles. Come join our team!

We enter a beautiful brick courtyard adorned with string lights where we can setup high-top tables and umbrellas for d’oeuvres and refreshments. No food or drink is allowed inside though. Next we enter our lobby which is furnished with a couch, baby grand piano, and modern restrooms. Attached to the lobby is a traditional box office with a view of the courtyard for ticket sales prior to entry. Or we can setup a table in the lobby if you prefer. Showtime! Let’s enter our theatre full of 330 seats, two isles, and accessibility seating in the rear.

The stage has an acting area of 24 feet wide by 28 feet deep and 12 feet of height clearance. The apron in front of the grand curtain measures 29 feet wide by 6 feet deep, making for a total depth of 34 feet. The stage right wing measures 9 feet wide whereas stage left starts at 9 feet and expands to 16 feet wide. Perfect for set piece and prop storage. Additionally, there are two balcony alcoves for actors to poke out of on either side of the proscenium.

In the rear of the building we have 4 dressing rooms that can accommodate 20 actors comfortably. Each room has vanity mirrors and lights. 2 large, 1 medium, and 1 star dressing room(s). The green room can be transformed into a dressing room for more actors. There are also 2 bathrooms back there.

We have a loading dock where the door measures 8 feet wide by 12 feet tall. The driveway can fit 3 cars.
Kitty-corner to the building is our parking lot for staff, talent, and guests. It can hold up to 30 cars.

NO LIVE STREAMING SUPPORT. Sadly we do not have this setup yet. Please bring your own device or service. We have moderate wifi or a long ethernet cable for you.
If you wanted to setup a movie theater style format where the audience watches a stream from somewhere else we can project that onto a screen. The audience could NOT speak to the the live stream like a conference call.

Technical Specifications Include:

Baby Grand Piano in pit zone.
Lighting: ETC Element board,
– 32 S4’s, 32 pars, 2 follow spots, Cyc wash, audience wash.
Audio: Allen & Heath ZED-436,
– 32 inputs, 6 auxes, 2 free-range monitors, 3 shotguns, 3 handheld wireless, 3 wired mics.
Video: Epson Pro G7905U 7000 lumen projector,
HDMI or Thunderbolt/Mini Display inputs.
– 12’w by 5’h widescreen screen above stage
– 14’w by 8’h rolling screen on stage
– 22’w by 11’h Cyclorama curtain in back of stage

Moderate Wifi or long ethernet cable for streaming/internet access.

Please contact CJ Flanagan with any questions or concerns about bookings, dates, or prices.

CJ Flanagan
House Manager/Technical Director
[email protected]

Covid Precautions/Protocols

Follows current state, county, and fringe guidelines. Audience must adhere to state and county guidelines at the door. Currently 2023, we have no guidelines of our own, but we will follow guidelines specific to the comfort of each renter. For example some renters prefer no masks whereas others want to enforce masks. A cleaning crew disinfects the property after each show day.

Streaming Capabilities

*Bring your own streaming device or service.* We have moderate wifi or a long ethernet cable for you.

facility services

parking available piano available wifi available

Venue Team

cj flanagan 

technical director

* Fringe Veteran