Carrie Adams

Carrie moved to LA in the fall of 2017 after graduating from Brown University with degrees in Theatre Arts and Comparative Literature. She is originally from Maine and still gets a small thrill every time she sees a palm tree. She is very excited to be making her Fringe debut with Henry V!

A Solo Show with Jokes...and Espionage

Saurabh Kikani was the nerdiest, most awkward teen in the world. In 1996, he was in a summer program at Oxford where he happened to see the movie Mission:Impossible, and his life changed forever. This is a solo show with jokes...and espionage.

Life Plan

Life Plan is immersive satirical sci-fi — you’re live at a timeshare sales pitch from our dystopian future. Your Dream Life™ is the offer. Fulfillment is the opportunity. Will you buy in?