RoBecca Lugnut

Likes: humans, electronic music (ESPECIALLY dub step), dancing, colored and/or flashing lights, glow-in-the-dark stuff, lasers, the moon, the color red, staying up late, jumping, getting tickled, playing, silly string, real string, fake string

Dislikes: gravity, liquids, smooth jazz, spankings, daytime, reading, office cubicles, using her right hand, sleeping, wasting stuff, things that are sticky, going to the bathroom

Robecca is a dancing machine. You see, she was built a long time ago but was abandoned when her power cable just couldn’t quite reach her. Her inventor died, just inches from her power socket, while reaching as far as he could to plug her in. The doctors would later say he died from “acute stretching,” one of the leading causes of death among robot inventors. But, in a twist of fate, RoBecca was actually battery powered and had been awake and running the entire time.
One day, she received a radio signal with a transmission pattern she never recognized before-it was dub step. She fell in love with the deep bass and kickin’ treble and her body began moving in ways she’d never experienced before. With an unlimited memory chip implanted in her brain, she recorded this new sound and plays it back on a perpetual loop and is, therefore, always groovin’ to the beat. Fascinated by the creators of such phat music, RoBecca longed to visit Earth and its inhabitants so she could learn their customs. She installed a distinct and separate memory chip in her circuitry so she could download human activity to recreate it later. She feels she has a lot to learn about both humanity and robotics from earthlings.