Nadia El-Tawansy

Nadia Tawansy was born in Hollywood, California to an Egyptian father and Swiss mother. She was raised in the Los Angeles suburb Eagle Rock. She took an interest in acting early in life and performed as Hamlet in her first play at age 9 when she fell in love with the literary works of Shakespeare.

She continued to develop her passion for acting throughout her high school years and by the time she was 17 had performed in over 8 plays and participated in several competitive theater festivals. In college she took a break to get a degree in International Relations at the University of Humboldt in northern California.

Post college she returned to Los Angeles where she acted in a variety of roles both in theater and film. In 2012 she moved to Paris to push her acting skills by training further (at the Actors Factory) and performing in another language.

Today Nadia travels back and forth between Los Angeles and Paris to act in a variety of projects.

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