Wendy Bain

Wendy Meredith Bain (Peep Show (Netflix) Ill Behavior (Showtime) Fresh Meat (Hulu) Babylon (Sundance). Old Guys. (BBC1) and the upcoming Ed Helms films ‘Corporate Animals’.

British playwright and actress Wendy M. Bain brings her comedy play about settling old scores and finding true love, OLD FRENEMIES, to the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

“It is a comedy based on my experience. I was horrified to find out the owner of the farm cottage we were staying in was my old frenemy from my teenage years that took my boyfriend off me,” Bain joked. “We just pretended not to know each other but the memories about her stealing my boyfriend, and how a close female friendship can flip into a vicious rivalry, came flooding back. I couldn’t wait to get out of cottage and back to London.” The weekend, although displeasing at the time, provided Bain with the perfect inspiration for her play.

Bain went to the Hollywood Fringe last year and loved the theatre community of LA and thought it would be a creative and fun challenge to participate this year. Fringe festivals are popping in several cities now and it’s a great way to try out creative work in a supportive community. The actors and director working on my play have exceeded my expectations. I’m thrilled to be part of it this year.