Blue Tiger Productions

Blue Tiger is a Los Angeles based theater production company formed by Marilyn Fu and Mariah Bonner. The company evolved from a “salon” that Bonner created, and curates each month. For each salon, she selects a play, gathers together a group of actors as well as a director. The ensemble then rehearses the play and shares it with an invited audience.
Bonner and Fu are committed to creating theater that provides a visceral experience. They thrive in the convergence of performance, media, and art, and believe the stage is a living frontier.
You are invited to join them for “Breather”, their inaugural play, premiering on June 2nd at 10.30pm at the Stephanie Feury Theatre!
Tickets go on sale May 1st!

A True Story About Transendent Love

Prepare to take a journey through an uncommon relationship. Mara lived as male most of her life. Mimi grew up in a traditional Catholic family. They met, fell in love and got married. And everything changed. For both of them.


Carl Kozlowski fell asleep at the wheel of his car, made Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank think he died mid-interview and had to race an LA bus at 90 mph. Now he's ready to share his craziest narcoleptic misadventures with you. Strap in!