Amelia Phillips

I’m a Chicago native (go U. Northwestern!) with New York roots. I write and act. Recently, I wrote and performed in my original full-length play, GROW A PAIR OF…WINGS. Currently, I’m working on my third screenplay, a fantasy coming of age feature based on the graphic novel, A BINTEL BRIEF by Liana Finck. In August, I will start Stephen’s College low residency graduate program in Screen and TV writing. Yay! I’ve done a bunch of voice over, but not so much anymore. TV credits include HBO’S FUNNY OR DIE PRESENTS…

If you’re looking to hook up with LA’s theater community, check out my theater company! FRESH PRODUCE’d LA is my home and support group – every month we workshop new pieces for the screen and stage, in addition to the two, original, full-length productions we stage a year. I’ve studied with Playhouse West, Lesly Kahn, UCB, and Nancy Wolfson. for more info, yo!

Ex-Communication is a fun piece by the talented Jonathan Kuhn. Check it out and say hello!