Sebastian Galvez

Actor, Teacher and Acting Coach. A SAG-AFTRA member with credits on Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials and Voice Overs. He has worked with award winning directors such as Richard Linklater, Abel Ferrara, Susan Batson and Josh Hecht among others. And Actors such as Juliette Binoche, Gerard Depardieu, or Sofia Vergara.

Co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors of AENY (Spanish Actors in NY). A non profit organization to create a cultural bridge between Spain and the US. Sponsored by the Consulate of Spain in New York. Sebastián played Lorca in Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie the organization’s Broadway debut which got multiple reviews including The New York Times, Back Stage, Play Bill, Wall Street Journal… “Lorca, the young poet, is gracefully incarnate in Sebastián Gálvez’s performance” – GALO Magazine.

As a teacher he is qualified to teach Susan Batson’s method. He taught for many years at her studio in NYC, where he still does private coaching to assist actors from all over the world. Thanks to his work at the studio he has had the great fortune to meet and share working space with Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler, or Juliette Binoche among other Artists. Also assisting Ms. Batson Directing several productions including the Dusty Film Festival of the School of Visual Arts.

In addition, Mr. Gálvez teaches workshops in Spain, ever since the Actors Union invited him to teach his first workshop in the country. He keeps being asked to bring more workshops.

Sebastián is originally from Madrid where he studied with the most renowned teachers in the country and started his career as an Actor. He moved to New York to study with Susan Batson thanks to a Scholarship that the Spanish Ministry of Culture grants to outstanding professional artists.

Currently bi-coastal, he flies between LA and NY combining his acting jobs with his work as a teacher and a private coach.