david castro

Ive been a writer-producer of network and cable TV with over 20 years in the writers’ rooms on shows such as Married With Children, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, Jack’s Place and many others – as well as Emmy-nominated for Bobby’s World (Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program, 1994) and CableAce-nominated for Not Necessarily the News (Writing a Comedy or Music Program, HBO, 1984). Starting out in the stand-up renaissance in San Francisco in the mid 1970s, I also had over 30 years experience creating original stand-up material for some of our best-known comedians. I’m also the author of the nonfiction book, Max_Brooklyn23 – From Good Girl to Callgirl, as well as two books of poetry – E is for Elvis – (52 Poems from A-Z and Z-A Through the Giants of Rock, Soul, Pop and Funk) and C is for Chupacabra – A Poetical Alphabestiary (52 Poems from A-Z and Z-A Through the Natural World of the Weird, Wild and Wonderful). Man’s Dominion, which premiered and was extended twice at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe was my first play – and thanks to Tim Powell and Dennis Neal – certainly not mine, or should I say NOT OUR last. And in regards to ’Man’s Dominion’, after moving to Asheville, NC and learning of the 1916 lynching of Mary, a circus elephant 40 miles away in Tennessee I knew I had to write about it. To that end I’ve written ’Man’s Dominion’ – a History in 10 Characters, a one-person, 10 character play which gives voice to the participants, onlookers and even the victim of man’s inhumanity, the darkest side of Man’s Dominion. For the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival I’ll be bringing my second play – ‘Orson Welles & Scatman Crothers’ in “A Hollywood Ending” to the stage, this time, in true Wellesian fashion, as both writer and director. Yikes! On stage at the Fringe, Rob Locke will be Orson Welles and Dennis Neal will be Scatman Crothers. In the words of Elia Kazan, famed director and namer of names, “This ain’t no Renaissance Pleasure Faire. THIS IS ACTING!”