Keith Montanez

Keith Montanez is 27 years old and a Southern California native. Growing up, music was an integral part of his everyday life. His Puerto Rican heritage with American influence led him to look up to big voices like Celia Cruz, Freddy Mercury, and Sam Cooke. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. In Audio Production in 2010. After college he moved to Chicago, where he sang at various venues and open mic nights for the first couple of years, until he was cast as the understudy for the White Rabbit, in Alex in Wonderland. A musical, parody of Alice in Wonderland with the MidTangent Productions company. After that role he moved back to California to be closer to family and pursue music. He was honored to have been asked to play the role of Man 2 for the production of Songs for a New World, With Acuppatea Theater Company. It’s a role that he never thought he would be able to play but he is very pleased that we have swapped modern notions of identity for the male roles. He owes any success to his family for all their support, to his music teachers throughout all of his education in music, and to his friends for choosing to stand by his side throughout his life.