David Cantor

David Cantor is a multi-disciplinary circus artist, based out of Oakland, California. Born and raised in New York, he was touched by the magic of the circus as a child when he was fortunate enough to see the world renowned Big Apple Circus. As he grew up and his life brought him into the world of experimental theater, he found himself re-enamoured with the circus.

Since then, he has performed and taught across the country, has been featured in some of the most respected object manipulation showcases. He has sought out training in Clown and Acrobatics with some of the biggest names in those fields, and is recognised as one of the most innovative and technical Fire Spinners in the world.

David co-authored the Vulcan Tech Gospel, a seminal work in the field of object manipulation. He performs as a member of the Vulcan Crew fire spinning and object manipulation troupe, with Circus Momentus, and as a solo performer. He has created duets with a number of legends in the fire spinning world, including Corey White and Noel Yee.

In addition to performing, David has taught at the most prestigious fire spinning festivals in the world, including Firedrums, Pacific Fire, Kinetic Fire, Ignite, and Wildfire. He also toured nationally teaching in major metropolitan areas across the United States. He has also directed for Circus Van Champ and the Vulcan Crew.

He graduated from the Clown Conservatory class of 2009, and has studied clown from Jeff Raz (Cirque Du Soleil) John Gilkey (Cirque Du Soleil), Jonas Woolverton (Cirque Du Soleil), Dan Griffiths (Big Apple Circus) and Ronlin Forman (D’el Arte).
He has also studied acrobatics under Master Lu Yi (Former Commissioner of Acrobatics, China), Xia Ke Min (Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe) and Xiao Hong Weng (Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe).

In 2013 David co-founded the company A Little Bit Off, with his performance partner Amica Hunter. The company specializes in Theatrical Circus and Clown.

He is looking forward to being a party of Hollywood Fringe this year.